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    Default>33 about book project...

    Hello everyone

    Would any of you be able to help me out on this reading?

    My question was "What should I concentrate on instead of getting a job?">33

    The bottom line is that I have been writing a book, then stopped the first one cos I was not getting anywhere with it, began a new one and now I cannot stop writing. I have typed up seven chapters in seven days and the insights just keep coming. I am getting a very good feeling about this new project. It flows freely and it feels very easy to write it.

    Now...this is what I can make out of it - 17 - Follow Without Resistance...17.1 usually means there is change in the air..."the standards are changing" which might be connected to 33 - the background hex, I retreated from my previous project and now I should Follow this new one Without Resistance.

    17.3 could be follow this project with full-on responsibilities, act like an adult, not a child (?)

    17.6 is an interesting one cos Lise says:
    "Embracing it and relating to it. Therefore following it and netting it. The king offers a Heng-sacrifice at the Western Mountain. When man is grasped completely by something, then it is good to make contact with higher or more-than-human things. Gods speak the words that live in the deepest realm of the soul, and they will make him follow what is essentially him. Then he can never lose his own way, and he will find his direction of life. And only then it is possible to accomplish things with eternal value.

    This new book has really taken over my life in the last seven days at least and the content of it is highly related to the unseen world of Quantum Physics / psychic connections. I am telling a story about a very unusual connection I have had with someone over the past five years about which I have received evidence only recently. It was not just in my head, for a lack of a better term...

    So, the bottom line of this reading is 'after you've retreated from the previous project, you have changed your goal to dealing with a different subject which you now need to follow without resistance and be open to more messages and insights you'll receive about it along the way..."

    Does it sound insane at all or am I on the right path with the deciphering of this throw?

    I look forward to hearing from you guys with more experience...

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    What should I concentrate on instead of getting a job? > 33

    Since you are in fact concentrating on writing a book, what could > 33 mean in the context of writing? Hexagram 17 suggests that you should concentrate on dialogue, that is, develop plot and character through dialogue. And the Image of Retreat

    Mountain under heaven: the image of Retreat.
    Thus the superior man keeps the inferior man at a distance,
    Not angrily but with reserve.

    suggests formal, standard English rather than slang.

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    From this translation, I would say your interpretation is correct, and line 6 would seem to auger very well for the book in general:

    17. Following

    Line 1:

    The official has changed his mind.
    Persistence brings good fortune.
    Going out of the gate and engage brings results.

    Changing one's mind over an issue that has consequences for someone else. Things go well by keeping to this. There will be results by engaging with the new situation.

    Line 3:

    Attaching to the elder man,
    one loses sight of the little child.
    Following is a search for gain.
    It is beneficial to persist staying put.

    Connecting more to one's mature aspects, and thereby forgetting about the needs of one's inner child. One is following someone or something in order to have gains from it. It is better to stay in the place one is.

    Line 6:

    Seize and bind it,
    then follow and hold fast to it.
    The king brings offerings on Western Mountain.

    It is very difficult to get and then keep something, so one needs to put quite a lot of effort into that. Part of the difficulty is being dependent on unwilling others. It is doable, though.

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    Ahhhh very good points to both of you, they both make sense, thanks

    It is based on a true story about a back and forth type relationship as well so maybe that's another element of the 17/33 dynamic.

    I may have to cut down on the swearing, then (slang?)...and keep it classy...erm.

    Thanks again to both!



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