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Thread: Apparent contradiction on Hex 42

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    Dear friends,

    I asked the Y if I am going to find a job in England soon. To cut a long story short, I am a non-national who depends on employment to remain, otherwise I should leave when my visa expires.
    The reason for trying to stay is that I found true love here. We have been happy together for a while and neither of us want the separation, but circumstances seem to be adverse.

    The answer was Hex 42 - Increase, with third and sixth moving lines:

    Six in the third place means:
    One is enriched through unfortunate events.
    No blame, if you are sincere
    And walk in the middle,
    And report with a seal to the prince.

    Nine at the top means:
    He brings increase to no one.
    Indeed, someone even strikes him.
    He does not keep his heart constantly steady.

    I would deeply appreciate any shed on this reading. I am running short of time, I am afraid, and feeling unable to understand what the Y is trying to tell me.

    All the best,

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    Hi Mirian
    The third line would suggest to me that there is something in the future bringing a better conclusion than would be thought from the unfortunate circumstances in which you find yourself. but, only from reflection will this become clear "and report to the prince with a seal" could this mean a successful petition to stay?
    The sixth line has always[ for me] meant something/someone greater external to myself this does not exlude the psychic realm. The sixth line being the place of the Gods and in this case the the mere human is being unfairly treated
    The ancient Greeks had a more realistic view of the relationship between Human beings and the sometimes "unpredictable" Gods....Life aint fair sometimes.Hope this is of some value Mirian.

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    line 3: sometimes what we dont like ends up being best for us; if medicine tasted good it wouldnt cure; "god speaks right through wrong lines" (or whatever the way it is said)

    line 6: remember that it is not your increase that is being discussed here: it is the measure of how you increase others that in the end reveals how much you increased yourself

    in any case, if you love each other, what can come in your way??? life is still an illusion, so dont let the illusion tell you what you ARE... you tell it!

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    Thank you very much for your thoughts.

    I would have been quite happy if I had got only the third moving line. Considering other occasions, when I had this line, I would believe that the present hardship is going to lead to a positive outcome, eventually.
    However, here it comes the sixth moving line. You might be right Django, I may have been treated rather unfairly. It seems that human beings and gods must abyde by the same immigration laws though.
    Pedro, I hope that the Y is not saying that I have been selfish and, as a consequence, I will not be 'increased' at all. Anyway, I am not quite sure whether or not the sixth line is a prediction.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Well Mirian, I wouldnt know what that line is about... have you been selfish? I mean, I find it hard to see you as selfish, specially given the heartfelt questions you share here... But your concern about it seems to declare that there is at least some thought you must give it.

    Dont fall onto guilt, or self pity or anything like that, please. You seem such a "pure" person to begin with... But by all means question yourself, the Yi, whatever, for even this tiny piece of the puzzle.
    Just for starters, there are many ways to look at it. Maybe you're having your visa removed because you havent yet found a way to increase the country youre asking for support... and so it is kicking you out... I dunno, maybe Im completely off base here, Im just sharing my most immediate reaction about your words. If Im not helping do me a favor and ignore me

    I just feek that you shoulnt feel helpless about it. That will ruin your chance of making a statement here. You see, its all solely about whatever it makes you feel about it, cause thats how you'll define yourself to the world, and what you believe you are you will manifest. Dont dwell on what to do, but realise that you just need to BE whatever you are, and then you'll DO whatever is appropriate

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    seeker Guest


    Well, that third line is usually positive but Sarah Dening mentions being conscientious about doing the right thing, so maybe it only results in positive results if you act with integrity. She also mentions that learning to cope with difficult times can help us develope invaluable experience and skill. For the sixth line, I see the selfish thing as Pedro does. For this Dening says that while you have the ability to benefit others you are failing to do so, and you need to give more. Thats not meant as a judgement. We've all been there. Maybe you are so focused on solving this problem that you are ignoring something or someone else? Just out of curiosity, what happened to the employment that has been keeping you there? Maybe there is a clue here in how to find employment. Perhaps if you acted appropriately in a particular situation or with a particular person it would get you a job, or maybe there is an opportunity in a job where you would be giving to others. Maybe you could ask Yi what your best course of action is. Just a thought. Hope that helps.

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    Hello Seeker

    It does help, indeed. Actually, I pretty much like the idea of finding a job that could give something to others.
    The thing is, with my visa about to expire in few weeks it is possible that my partner and I are completely focused on how to cope with the fact that we will be living far from each other very soon. Perhaps we have not been able to see clearly the effective course of action to solve the job problem.

    I think you are right, I should ask the Yi again, but this time for a piece of advice in terms of what I should do, rather than speculative questions.

    Thanks a lot
    All the best,

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    seeker Guest


    Glad I could help. Let us know how it turns out. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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    line 3--the using unfortunate events for your advantage blah blah blah

    line 6--your 'yang' that you're seeing things as going towards is awful--the 'high action' is totally wrong and brings forth no gain to anyone...and actually kind of ticks off the gods

    true love---follow it, screw the govt, get a job at freeking mcdonalds--get married do something.


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