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Thread: Relationship issue, marrying maiden

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    I know nothing of 'other women' in regard to 54. Usually 54 is seen as 'marrying into a situation' (thanks to Hilary, who gave this excellent description).

    Could it be that he wanted too much from this relation, and that he became more realistic? Or maybe he reacts on your realism? So there is the calmness now of accepting and enjoying it?

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    Anon, first of all, you&#39;re dealing with a guy. Guys &#40;forgive the stereotyping&#41; generally don&#39;t want one of something. They want it all! They want a real relationship, and they want they&#39;re freedom and independence too. Some guys get lucky and find someone to really love, who will satisfy both needs. But its a scary decision to commit to one of anything until he&#39;s positive of the one he wants.

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    Oh, that. With line 1 it means that you are not his first priority right now. If you can live with that, it may develop into more.

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    &#34;I then asked if he would be able to fulfill my needs&#34;

    Chee Anon, it sounds like you&#39;re buying a truck, not wooing a boyfriend.

    40 - let go of trying to &#34;make&#34; it become this or that.

    16 - enjoy and make the most of what there is in the relationship.

    5 - wait and see, meanwhile enjoy the company. &#40;the truck question&#41;

    60 - make a place in your life for the relationship to live. It doesn&#39;t need to occupy all of you, or him.

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    It&#39;s ok Anon, I know what you mean. It sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I am having similar issues with my husband. And there is nothing silly about being a romantic. It&#39;s perfectly reasonable for you to want a relationship with someone who is thoughtful and considerate of your dreams. I have been getting 40 a lot, and I am actually quite frustrated by it. The interpretations I have indicate a new cycle or fresh start, but I am a little unclear whether that means with my husband or that I would start over without him. 16 talks of music which makes me think of creating harmony. I also found a passage that says &#34;motivation gives you enormous potential, but it is as easy to lose yourself as find yourself&#34;, which to me sort of says to work on creating harmony but not so much that you lose perspective, that you lose who you are and what you want. 16.2 talks about not getting caught up in illusions or getting carried away by someone else&#39;s enthusiasm. 5.3 talks about making yourself vulnerable by rushing ahead impatiently. 60 talks about knowing your limitations, not expecting more of yourself or others than you/they can give. I think Yi may be telling you that there may be potential here, but you need to slow down, enjoy the ride so to speak. You don&#39;t say how long you have known him, but I get the impression you need to relax, get to know each other better and not try to make this the end-all be-all of your life; don&#39;t put so much pressure on yourself or the relationship. Only you can say if he is the right person for you, if he can, as you said, fulfill your needs, but I think you need more time to figure that out. At worst you might just end up with a really good friend.


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