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Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings- Hexagram 10

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    Living now with a hex 10 uc situation with a friend, I must weigh every word I use and be very respectful, tip toeing around, otherwise I risk getting bitten.
    Set another light in heaven.

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    I just received 10uc as the answer to the question, "How will the storm Joaquin affect us?", meaning me and my family. (If you haven't heard, there's a rather menacing tropical storm barreling up the East Coast on a similar track to Sandy's...and it may turn into a hurricane.)

    If we're talking about feeling "unchanging answers from the inside" (well put, Trojina), then what I feel upon seeing 10uc is total dread.

    We had a brush with calamity from Sandy in 2012, and the trauma lingered for a long time.

    The storm, I think, is pretty clearly the tiger...I'm hoping it doesn't bite.

    Careful conduct, preparation. Not much else to do.

    Will update.

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    Yes please do update, sounds scary. Best of Luck !
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    Thanks, Trojina!

    I can report, with relief, that Hurricane Joaquin went out to sea without directly impacting myself, my family, or my region. That said, it was/is a monster of a storm-- "There is something here that could devour you" (as Hilary said about hex 10)-- it reached category 4, almost 5, strength with 155 mph winds (249 kmh). It severely damaged several Bahamas islands and sunk a cargo ship. Many people died. It's about to brush past Bermuda, possibly causing more damage, and maybe even hit the UK next week with severe wind and rain.

    I think the key here is that I asked how it would affect me specifically. Yi gave 10 to describe the ferocious power of the storm, and unchanging to indicate that there would be no real movement of that power towards me; it would stay somewhat inert. There would be the potential for destruction, but nothing would come of it.

    It's also interesting to note that Joaquin literally and unusually "treaded" water when it was around the Bahamas. It sat over the islands, barely moving and causing much grief, for several days, and its track made an unusual tight loop back on itself. Treading, and a tiger's tail...

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    Sounds like 10uc showed very carefully avoiding the danger. Not that in this instance you could change anything, but it does look like danger perilously close is escaped. Phew. Glad you are all okay.

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    Little guy= jun zi
    Big one= Tiger
    I divine and interpret using the Image, Judgement, all received Line text, and Related Hexagram.

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    not even sure, just asked what the greater significance was of the fact that in tho upcoming spring my niece will be baptized on the same day to a year that my relationship fell apart. Basically, this woman and I were verrry much into each other, everything seemed to be 'meant to be'...so many interesting coincidences, too many to count and enough that I can't remember them all, though for some examples: each of us spent a good deal of our childhoods growing up in hotels in interesting circumstances, while I was going to a particular school (about 3 years before we met) she was working at the same school such that for a three year period we were 150-200 feet away from each other, our paths crossing daily. Our relationship broke apart because of the negative influence and manipulation of the 'sister' in law of mine whose daughter will be baptized, who happens to be a really nasty person who fools many of the people in my family due to her familial pedigree (she is the descendant of a very polarizing political figure from my country's political history) and the fact that she is a public figure (tv talking head), and who is quite literally gunning for my and my cousin's inheritance. So what does hexagram 10 unchanging feel like? It might feel different when the time comes around in 2 months or so, but for now it feels like a terrible telenovela.

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    In my opinion, 10 has the meaning "avoid sth dangerous with success"

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    I would agree with Vissino. And Ginnie. In my experience, getting 10UC in relationships has always involved dealing with someone volatile and unstable - mood disorder, irascible, unpredictable. I would not choose to relate with someone under the sign of 10UC, if I have a choice I run for the hills But sometimes, I have found myself forced into situations where I had to navigate around difficult people - family members, clients etc... and in all those situations I have had to walk on eggshells, be very careful to watch my words and not to provoke some outburst etc... Yes, in the end, I came out unscathed, but it's not a pleasant experience, and certainly not one I would recommend in an intimate relationship.

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    I'd like to share my recent experience as a small gesture of my appreciation towards this community, although it's not really a pleasant one.
    My dad had been sick and was taken to the ER, looking back I didn't know why I asked this question but I asked Yi "How long does my dad have?" I got 10UC. My interpretation at the time was although his condition was tough but he would have gotten through with this and would have been recovered. He passed away two days later.

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