I have huge difficulty with the landlord of the house I moved into last year and I think it may be good for me to buy a house and settle again. I pay a huge amount of rent every month and I started looking at properties. I am a bit concerned about my income stream. While I am extremely blessed by always having work, I worry a little that something happens next year which puts me in financial difficulty. I cannot deal with that. I already own a house in another city so if I do get stuck, I can always sell that and pay off the new house.

I asked Yi what advice for me re timing to buy a house and got 8.3 > 39.

I read all the items with Hex 8.3, but I am totally stuck with this and cannot make the connection between relationships and timing ??

Legge : 8 Pi indicates that under the conditions which it supposes there is good fortune. But let the principal party intended in it re-examine himself, as if by divination, whether his virtue be great, unintermitting, and firm. If he be so, there will be no error. Those who have not rest will then come to him; and with those who are too late in coming it will be ill.
line 3 :
Legge : n the third line, divided, we see its subject seeking for union with such as ought not to be associated with.
LiSe : Be severe in what you accept and what not. One rotten apple can spoil a whole basket, so throw it out. If that is not possible, then leave yourself. You have just one life, don’t waste it.
Hex 39 : Limping, obstruction.

House prices are on a negative growth, but there is a bit of movement of property in my town, Is Yi telling me to go ahead and not be late ? Or, do I reconsider the decision because I have the wrong emotions/intentions (escape dealing with a bad rental agent strongly)

Please help.