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Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings - Hexagram 42

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    Default Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings - Hexagram 42

    I just wrote a long post that I lost because I had to log in again to post the answer !

    I will have to do it again !

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    mean time if you have any 42uc experiences chuck em in

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    Well here I go again then....

    My experiences of 42uc in a nut shaped rain barrel challenge my perception 42 to the degree that I feel the advice I wrote here about pouring more in and all that malarkey was wrong !!

    I think I've always suffered a bit of bedazzled blindness with 42.....I just think WHOOPEE and so on, possibly without appreciating it's much more fluid than that, experientially for me it's been much more about where to put attention and energies.

    I will relate my weird 42uc example as briefly as possible. They all seem rather convoluted and perhaps that is why I lost them when forum logged me out yesterday...it was such a long post !

    1. I found I was being somewhat 'romanced' by an adult education teacher who, it turned out was doing similar to half the women in the group ! Nothing heavy, nothing terrible, the guy was good at his job but was being rather careless I felt, of others feelings, especially as one lady fell for him rather more than I ever did. There was a period where we were still attending classes and he was still making invitations on an individual basis .....ahem. ( there was some comedy in the situation when we all found out what he was up to.).To navigate this time, to figure how I should be with him and so on I asked Yi on several occasions how I should respond to him ? I got 42uc twice.....and er no I was not going to be pouring more energy in to the relationship !

    2. I felt under repeated attack in a certain situation and I was getting tired of it and asked what to do ? I got 42 uc

    3. I and a group of others offered our services as volunteer therapists at an elderly persons complex. We were accepted and yet we found their conditions stringent and unpalatable. I've volunteered at many places and not yet found one who would not offer travel expenses and minor perks such as refreshments and so on. Some of us would have to travel some way on the bus...bringing their own food and working to hours that we hard to fit with transport....etc etc...There was just lacking that warmth somehow and for one reason and another it eventually just became untenable for us. Whilst I was still considering it I asked "should I do voluntary work at L Gardens ?". Well we didn't go ahead and I am quite sure we were wise not to.

    So how do I make sense of the 42uc answers here.

    With the naughty teacher I decided the advice was for me to kind of 'take the best and leave the rest'. That is I thought it was a call to be generous with him. To keep attention on the good things he did and not engage with his other weird behaviour.

    Looking at the Image from Hilary's book

    'Wind and thunder: Increasing.
    A noble one sees improvement, and so she changes.
    When there is excess she corrects it'.

    Wind and thunder are agents of change. Thunder is like the inner spark of initiative and will; wind is a far- reaching influence in the world, free-moving because of it's endless ability to shape itself to the terrain. So the noble one moves as decisively as thunder and with the versatility of the wind; she does not hold fast to a chosen direction, but responds to what ever opportunities for improvements she can see.
    So I'm currently more aware that 42uc is especially asking one to head in the direction of the good, in the direction of what makes improvement.

    That is how I understood the teacher example. For the record his classes actually folded and I knew that in part some of us stayed away through discomfort with the situation....and as people stayed away he did not have enough numbers to go on. But this was a complex situation. I think he was doing a good thing with his classes, he wasn't a terrible person...but he was confused ! So this wasn't a black/white situation and I think 42uc here was perhaps showing me that.

    Similar advise for the situation I felt under attack I guess....advice being 'keep heading to where the good is, where the improvement is'. There is a lot more movement in 42uc than I had understood....I can see it in the trigrams of course but hadn't quite realised how much active versatility is needed here. That's a lot of energy in flux in 42...wind over thunder...hmm

    So how could I apply 42uc to the voluntary work question ? Hmm not quite sure. I had to consider that if I poured more in then maybe increase would flow....that is if I was taking my own advice on that thread I linked to earlier...but phew it really wasn't feasible in terms of costs to us all. I recall driving home thinking I was mad as doing it would deplete me in energy/money/time. Maybe it was straight advice to look for where the good was, the improvement. If I felt drained and exhausted by the thought of that then I needed to go to what filled me with more energy and fulfilment and so on. So that is what I did.

    Some hexagrams in their unchanging forms seem to me to have a different kind of energy. 42 uc feels this way to me...it seems highly volatile, active, heading somewhere better. Not volatile in an explosive way...although thunder over wind what would we expect....but if makes me think of clouds scudding fast across a changing sky...moving on....

    Wing in the 'I Ching Workbook' says of 42uc

    "BENEFIT, in it's static form, suggests the need for heightened sensitivity in regard to the object of your inquiry. The lower trigram, CHEN, movement and growth, is increasing from the benevolent influence of SUN, small efforts, above. Be prepared to assimilate advice or information about what is needed from you. A single gesture will not be enough. The situation will demand your consistent generosity. By demonstrating your willing commitment on a daily basis, you will eventually meet with success."
    Yes a kind of unceasing adaptation towards improvement. Of course perhaps one question that arises with 42 uc might be 'can you afford unceasing generosity ?'...or 'what kind of generosity are you capable of here ?

    A long post because my 42uc casts have made me think a fair bit since it wasn't quite as I thought. I'm still thinking on it.

    Anyone recall any occasions where they received 42uc and how it played out for them ?
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    BTW on thinking of answers one often gets a sense impression to do with the trigrams....with unchanging hexagrams, no lines. these sensory perceptions seem stronger. In writing of 42 I have the sense of fast movement in the skies, clouds shifting....In 41 uc a much more still feeling, more peaceful, mountain over lake.
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    Anyone have a 42uc limerick ? Somehow I feel it requires a limerick

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    It's funny, as I look through my readings I find 42uc coming up most often when I am terribly discouraged and ask a "big" question--big enough that I can't always actually TELL how they played out. But when I see 42uc as an answer, it's hard not to cheer up a bit, whether that's quite right or not. It alway makes me think of hilary's question in her book: "what would you do if you knew you were blessed?"

    Some examples:

    - five years ago, I asked the yi to tell me something about "me & money, long-term" (meaning, like, my whole life): 14.4-26. Funny answer -- I mean nice to see 14, but 14.4 means "this is not your realm, don't try to dominate." So I asked what was maybe my REAL question: "will I always have enough money?" 42uc. Life not being over, I can't say how this will play out! but it's been fine so far.

    - four years ago, my weekly reading was 38.3-14. I asked at the end of the week for a general attitude I should take toward that weird line, and got 42uc. (And this really has played out well for me -- that is, 38.3 usually ends very well in my experience.)

    - three years ago, after getting turned down by a few literary agents, in big despair: "will I ever have an agent?" 42uc (I signed with one a month later, and it's been a great partnership.)

    - two and a half years ago, I'm not sure what was going on in my marriage that prompted this, but all I said was "I don't feel loved" 42uc. This was so moving and reassuring. I suppose maybe I could have read it to mean "yeah get to work and solve this" but all I saw was "but you are, you are so loved and blessed."

    - about a year ago, at the end of a long fussy anxious series of questions about career with a lot of bad news, I said "in total honesty: it comes down to worrying about money" 42uc. And I will say money has been fine (far from GREAT, but definitely enough) since then, so far.

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    oh I just found another, from quite recently: "tell me about me and writing -- is my writing good enough?" In my mind I meant just--is it worth continuing, is it not something to be ashamed of? etc (it's been a rather dark year!). And the answer was 42uc. Again, I will obviously never know how this "plays out," and it was kind of a goofy question to ask--but the answer reassured me to keep trying, at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trojina View Post
    BTW on thinking of answers one often gets a sense impression to do with the trigrams....with unchanging hexagrams, no lines. these sensory perceptions seem stronger. In writing of 42 I have the sense of fast movement in the skies, clouds shifting....In 41 uc a much more still feeling, more peaceful, mountain over lake.
    Watched a TV programme on how the earth's orbit and it's tilt make our seasons, determine the weather...how these great winds and currents/thermals in our atmosphere keep a balance on the planet allowing life to flourish. it was really interesting but I'm no scientist so I was understanding it very much in terms of the 41/42 pair. There was the explanation of why the monsoon happened for example...something to do with land being much colder than the sea in a certain area...due to level of heat on sea, which is due to the earth's angle to the sun. All these currents around the world, constant movement of winds and storms, decrease and increase through factors of pressure and temperature and so on...one wind rushing in to take the place of another....Overall the programme seemed to convey what a huge cycle of blessing this was. I say 'blessing' since it seemed only through a series of 'accidents' that our earth has the particular tilt it does...without which we would not have life as we know it.

    This just connected up for me my sensory impression of the 42 trigrams...in a more 3d way.

    I also wondered, thinking of Knot's examples, where she asked quite big far reaching questions whether she was getting big answers too...I mean big in the sense of us being small against the sky ...not quite knowing what huge cycles of decrease/increase we are part of.

    Not sure that made sense as it's hard to put into words.

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    ..the earth tilt today is different to what it was say in 500BCE....I think by +/-2 degrees....

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