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Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings - Hexagram 42

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    To me hexagram 42 Unchanging is very refreshing. I do feel though like any reading nothing is is set in stone and with the universe being as fluid as it is well....
    I have had this reading for my weekly readings in "what do I need to know about my business this week". It tends to come after stress or struggle so its always a relief for me. I think the advice in

    Wind and thunder: the image of INCREASE.
    Thus the superior man:
    If he sees good, he imitates it;
    If he has faults, he rids himself of them

    Is extremely important,

    In a business sense its really auspicious however I believe you are given opportunities. You need to be there to take them, there also seems to be advice sharing the wealth. This is 42 Unchanging in a business sense to me.

    For example 42 Unchanging is not set in stone as I mentioned, lets say you have some great opportunities and then an old friend comes into town, you go out have a great night drinking then sleep in the next day till 12pm.
    You may miss the boat, and in fact you would be off path and slipping back into a hexagram 41 situation.
    Quite easily,
    So this advice of doing what is right and TOTALLY avoiding what is wrong I feel personally has a huge amount to do with the reading.

    If you are new to the Iching you could possibly look at as the Yi saying ok you are on path. Lets get in the car put the car in first gear and hit the open road. Take it all in, however if you were to mess around on your smart phone at the same time you could veer off the road or (path) and have a set back.

    To me the advice is that if you do what is right the rewards can be immense.

    I loved the stories here its a great thread, I liked them all but I like Trojina's story of taking what she could from the course and ignoring the negative flirting.

    That i think was a clear case of

    Wind and thunder: the image of INCREASE.
    Thus the superior man:
    If he sees good, he imitates it;
    If he has faults, he rids himself of them

    There also seems advice to remember nothing good lasts forever so you could take it as "Make Hay While the Sun Shines"

    INCREASE. It furthers one
    To undertake something.
    It furthers one to cross the great water.

    Sacrifice on the part of those above for the increase of those below fills the people with a sense of joy and gratitude that is extremely valuable for the flowering of the commonwealth. When people are thus devoted to their leaders, undertakings are possible, and even difficult and dangerous enterprises will succeed. Therefore in such times of progress and successful development it is necessary to work and make the best use of time. This time resembles that of the marriage of heaven and earth, when the earth partakes of the creative power of heaven, forming and bringing forth living beings. The time of INCREASE does not endure, therefore it must be utilized while it lasts.

    In a nutshell for me its a clear sign of being on track but a warning to make some good decisions.
    Be kind to yourself and others applies as well . I like the saying applied to the line as well To rule truly is to serve.

    Happy New Year

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    It's the first time I happen to read this wonderful thread. Here's my contribution:

    • Every single time I got 42 uc for a yes/no question, it was a no (as is the case with the majority of unchanging hexagrams for yes/no questions - maybe I should 'audit' them one day, to see which ones play out as yes and which as no).
    • 'What should I do in order to be hired for this job?' 42 uc. I took it to mean that they'll give it to me anyway, and they did. Thinking a bit more about it, it was to their benefit and to mine too.
    • 'What should I do in order to resume relations with this person?' 42 uc. As soon as I reached out, they responded immediately and relations were resumed. Perhaps it means again that we both benefitted from the situation. Or, as others have said, showing generosity to reach out first paid off.
    • 'What is this strange pain in my solar plexus, what is happening?' 42 uc. Not sure what was happening, but the pain was gone the next day and never came back. I think I might have over-eaten
    • 'How can I overcome my stress in this very stressful situation?' 42 uc. This is a new question, so I'll just assume that there is benefit in here somewhere, and that it will all play out ok. Funny how quite a lot of people asked about stressful situations and got 42 in this thread. Then again, saying that, I've asked about a lot of other stressful situations before and got other answers. So overall 42 does sound like a good omen to get (IF the question is not a yes/no question).

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