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Thread: 26.3.5 to 61

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    Well, Thomas has not responded to my email, so was thinking I should just forget about him and move on.

    Asked why he did not respond? 9.2.4 to 13

    Will he ever respond? 21

    The first seemed pretty straight forward, not entirely sure about 21.

    But then i asked what I should do regarding Thomas? 26.3.5 to 61

    Seems to be advising me to act indirectly, but I am not sure what that means. Any suggestions???

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    I had this answer regarding a relationship question;

    It suggests a transformation of the relationship, stripping away the element causing problems, or changing your attitude towards this relationship.
    Could mean, for instance, transforming in a friendship only relationship (no sex), could mean other things, the key here, for me, is understanding what is causing troubles and cutting it away.

    You can find the thread using the hexagram index feature (very handy, thanks Hilary).


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    Seeker; since he did not respond the ball is still in your court and you are in control of your situation. Do the most difficult thing and Wait! Be positive but move on and time will be on your side, he will see his mistake or he may truly be gone. Take heart in knowing you are the winner.

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    I was planning to give him some more time and then perhaps suggest we just be friends for a while. Is this answer supporting that?

    JerryD, I am waiting, have been for 9 months. If Yi would just give me no game in the field, I would give up and move on, but I don't get that. I keep getting answers that seem to indicate, at least in my limited understanding, that there is still potential here. So, as you say, I try to remain positive, but it isn't always easy.

    Anyway, based on Pargentons response, I asked
    Based on 26.3.5 what element is causing problems between us? 16 unchanging. Would you read that that my own enthusiasm is getting in the way? Or is it just advice on how to proceed, amass resources and prepare or perhaps to adjust to his responses instead of trying to get him to act as I want him to act. Does that make sense, having trouble putting it into words. Anyways, I continue to wait, hex 5 is my life


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