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Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 46

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    Default Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 46

    Ever onwards and upwards we come to hexagram 46 in it's unchanging form

    I have one recent example to share.

    Browsing in a charity shop one day I saw a sign saying 'Volunteers required'. I asked about it and was 'recruited' on the spot. Later I asked Yi simply "What about working for this charity shop ?" I got 46uc. That was over 2 months ago. There was a lot to do straight away. I was immediately involved and made very welcome and also found I was given a lot of leeway to take initiative in things. For example I was given the jewellery section as my area to display and price and turn over items as I saw fit and now that section is doing well. I feel I receive a lot of appreciation for what I do there from the managers. It feels as if I'm free to grow in whatever I do there. You know like some places might have all these rules and you might just be a cog in a machine, unable to express yourself, but it's the opposite of that. If I make a suggestion it's heard and implemented, so that gives me a sense of expansion. I can develop there. It kind of feels like the opposite of 47 which is the next hexagram of course...which gives me cause to think about the sequence. ( I wonder if 47 is a 'hexagram of context' for 46)

    I can't see where it's going the 'job'....I'm just going with it, but I feel part of something that is developing because it is a new shop. Because its new it's sort of still forming. Because of that I didn't enter a stagnant or limited atmosphere. Hard work though !

    So for me here 46 just feels like room to grow.

    I can't find specific examples but in other experiences with 46 I think it has also meant that it's time to outgrow the old, to move onwards and upwards and not look back. This won't always feel as pleasant as the above example of course. I think sometimes one might feel sad or even reluctant at outgrowing things. The image that comes to mind is maybe the last day with your class mates as a school kid. Here there is primary school till age 11 then you go to a whole new school with bigger kids and there's no going back. If you recall that time in your life you would probably recall different feelings of excitement but also awareness that that part of your life has gone forever. You are growing up and you can't stop it.

    I think, though I haven't checked, that I have seen 46uc coming up a few times in SR when people are in the midst of ending relationships. They are moving on, growing on towards a new life. That is what is really happening for them yet they may still feel sad.

    Anyway I wonder if with 46uc it's as if one feels there is unlimited possibilities growth. One is growing but is not sure where to.... When you are growing you aren't sure how tall you are going to get. 46uc feels to be a very open vista. There's a horizon or an end somewhere but for now you are just moving on and moving up and growing. Taking the next step in life.

    I'm not entirely sure how it fits as a pair with 45...not yet anyway. Chingching had some ideas in the 45uc thread.

    Here is the Image from Hilary's book.

    'Centre of the earth gives birth to wood : Pushing Upward.
    A noble one with patient character
    Builds up small things to attain the high and great.'

    A seed germinates and a plant begins to grow in the centre of the earth. The noble one has both the qualities of the earth and the seedling: flexible, feeling her way upward, small and resilient, and also yielding and nurturing this growth with all the patient power of earth. She understands that pulling the seedling will not make it grow faster - and so the many small things she achieves will amount to great things in the end.

    Wing says of 46 uc

    The upper trigram, K'UN, responsiveness, forms a receptive atmosphere for the fruition of SUN, small steady efforts, below. Without changing lines, ADVANCEMENT will occur only with a diligent and long-term approach toward the objective of your inquiry. You cannot expect to make a giant leap toward your objective through a single sweeping gesture. Instead, through modest, industrious efforts, you must build a substantial base upon which you may then reach your aim.

    Any 46uc experiences or insights to share ?

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    A friend was in a 47 situation ( i actually got 47 when had no news from them and asked Yi). The way they could go out was at the hand of an authority to decide that. I asked what can i do , how can i help and reality of the situation was that I couldn't offer much practical help but only prayers. In my mind had a chat with that authority explaining why they had to set free that friend.... they finally did but I guess the reading was about my feeling of not being able- due circumstances- to offer something more.

    there is a ancient-old reading during my first days at Yi. I got 46 and pondering on the Yi's message and try to understand how it applies- Need to say was a "what to I need to know for the current day" reading a thread rosada had opened and was participating... Had in mind the stairs Lise mentions on her translation and this is only what I had in mind- a staircase... suddenly I felt my self both at the bottom of the stairs and at the top. The one person on the top was yelling me " come on - you are late....and other not very kind or polite things".... I got angry and yelled back... I'm coming but I need to follow my pace.... The urgency to get rid to fix something was me on the top while the step- by -step kind of approach which was the reality of how things happens was me in the bottom... Felt so nice that I could see those two sides of me , the conflict and the unreasonable demands and yeah .. yell to her/me. I couldn't accept this turtle pace but this reading help me see that while the progress was not impressive and rapid there was progress...

    That was a experience will never forget and I think was feeling a bit stoned.... then something else came up... While sitting on my couch felt like riding a bubble made of the material balloons are made- a stable surface to sit and I had that feeling of sitting on a bubble and see other bubbles around and new the collection of bubbles was my self too... and they were expanding and expanding and was feeling so small , a tiny creature sitting on the bubble and feeling so big, vast at the same time... The connection with 46 was, in my mind, so apparent... the Small and the Big there, before me, in me, me into them... words can't express those feelings...

    47 is in the middle between 46 and 48... I always connect those with the image of the tree in the dry lake and see in slow motion the branches ( 46) and the roots( 48) expanding- trying to revive the tree, seek for water and air ...

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    I got 46 unchanging recently telling me not to go back to sleep.

    I'd woken up at 4:30 a.m. after only 5 hours of sleep, which is not enough for me. I know from experience that I really can't tell how going back to sleep in such a situation will work out - sometimes it's the right thing to do, and sometimes I feel groggy and sick all day.

    So I cast a reading and got 46 unchanging. Well, "Pushing Upward" or "Ascending" certainly doesn't mean lie back down and go to sleep. As Trojina put it, "onwards and upwards."

    Also, this line from Hilary's Oracle commentary caught my attention: "...align your initiatives with the natural order (which can be read in the stars and the compass), and set out towards warmth, light and activity." I had woken up naturally. And I had learned that as we approach waking, our temperature rises from what it had been during the night, and I had actually felt that happening that morning.

    So maybe this was a circadian rhythm sort of thing? For some unknown reason, 5 hours of sleep was the right amount for me that particular night. That day, I felt a bit tired and sleep-deprived, but only a bit - I was not overwhelmingly sleepy, and I went to bed that night at a normal time and not unusually early. So it worked out as well as could be expected - staying up at 4:30 a.m. was the correct decision this time.

    [Edited] I forgot to write down my question. It was "What if I go back to sleep now?" I think clearly Yi was giving me the advice I needed rather than answering the literal question.
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    I had a part time job that wasn't paying quite enough to make ends meet.
    I asked about the best work course for getting my needs met.
    Answer 46 unchanging.
    'adds up small things to make something great'
    It took me a while to figure it out, but I did. I got a second part time job and made enough income. One small job plus one small job equals great enough.

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    Isn't it interesting how some UC threads go on for pages, while others have so little? I've been on two UC threads today and the other was very sparsely filled too - hex 13uc was the other - which seems odd that some threads seem to attract less discussion. I've had a really ridiculous day, I became really anxious and fearful after a Birmingham phone number kept showing up on my phone - I don't tend to answer if I don't recognise the number, but today I built it up into a huge anxiety issue with regard to who was the terrifying ogre on the other end of the line. Some bill I'd forgotten to pay? Something else terrifying? Someone I just didn't want to speak to? Whoever it is, instead of either checking the number or forgetting about it, or (god forbid!) calling back, I dissolved into a neurotic blob of jelly (like Mr Jelly) and asked Yi about 20,000 questions about who was calling me, and why, and was it safe, and is the world about to fall on my head etc etc etc. Yi was not impressed with all this nonsense, as might be imagined. Anyway, in the end I said: "I'm just being silly, aren't I?" 46uc.

    Looking back through my journal I've had 46uc for some fairly odd little questions. One (amusingly) was "how does it even work, this oracle?" 46uc. "Shall I start up this website idea (that I promptly forgot about)?" 46uc. "Perhaps I can make the house pay for itself?" eg, with airbnb. 46 uc. (I've now got a permanent lodger and my son pays rent too.)

    I get the impression that Yi is smiling at me benignly (and bemusedly) with 46uc and saying: "yep, getting there, slowly."

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    I received 46 UC to the question, "How should I deal with X's coldness?" X is one of my supervisors at work, and he's just...very distant and cold and awkward at all times. (Not just towards me—towards most everyone.) He's actually a very drily funny and witty person (I knew him before working for him) but it's like he can't bear to let down his guard ever in the office (or, now, outside of it), and since getting promoted to a more prominent (and risky) position he's completely humorless at all times. All that said, he's a good supervisor to me—eminently fair, never loses his temper, a decent listener and mediator when there are problems, doesn't micromanage or nitpick, and most importantly, he tries to make things good for those under him. Sometimes he's avoidant and annoyingly unresponsive, but he's no tyrant. I guess I just find it distressing that he's so distant and serious (almost robotic) 99% of the time. He just never relaxes or warms up. Our office is otherwise very warm and social feeling.

    I think 46UC was Yi's way of pointing out that, disconcerting though I may find his coldness, it's not an impediment to me, not really, for all the reasons I listed, and I just need to patiently continue on as-is without dwelling on his chilliness too much. It's funny, too, because when I interact with his humorless robotic side, I get a distinct 47ish feeling of misery and panic. But that's all emotion and really about me (I'm a very warm person by nature and I get nervous around people who are the the opposite). The practical reality is closer to 46; he doesn't cause me actual problems, and I just need to continue pushing through the path that's open to me.

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    I have had this hexagram so often lately in relation to my business. All sorts of reading all leading back to hexagram 46. I have also been receiving it unchanged. To me it is simply as it says step by step. It seems important to the advice that we do keep making those steps as if on a tight rope. Going forward on the path. At least you are on the path but I always get it when I want things to move faster. maybe this hexagram is the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare race.


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    This would be too boring to post as far as just what it meant ("take steps"), but Yi gave it to me as a reminder that there were steps, preliminary ones in this case, at a time when I was ready to just rush right out of the house a la hexagram 1. If I'd done that, I would have had to come back after remembering I hadn't fixed the cats' water, collected the trash, etc. Yi, saving silly people from aggravation...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liselle View Post
    Yi, saving silly people from aggravation...
    ...for 3,000 years...
    Exploring the Sequence part 5: Casting the Vessel
    is available now for Change Circle people. (Pdf is ready, audio to follow.)

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    I got 46uc when I asked the IC what benefit I might get from my daily Sri Yantra meditations. (A Sri Yantra is an image of 9 intersecting triangles. You can google it or see it on youtube) Pushing Upward encourages me that step by step I will see results. I think it's interesting that veavea got the same response when she asked "How does the IC actually work?" and Mulberry got it for a description of a supervisor who was rather distant and aloof but highly effective which could also describe the Sri Yantra symbol.
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