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    I have had my now rather dog-eared copy of wilhelm's translation for nearly 15 yrs. It's taken me this long to develop a relationship with the i ching. Throughout the years the i ching has guided me, confused me, helped me, berated me and comforted me. I think i'm finally beginning to understand what the i ching has to say, it's taken a great deal of patience on both sides! My book, my i ching, appears to have developed a character of it's own. Is that fanciful thinking or does anyone else feel the same? Any advice on 52 (6in4th)? recently keep getting this repeated whatever the question. Get the feeling someones trying to tell me something important and i'm clearly missing the point.

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    Hi Mandy,

    Yes. I can relate to the attachment one gets with a beloved dog eared copy of the Ching. My original copy had so many underscores and highlights it resembled a Pentecostal?s book of Revelation! Like any relationship which has been carefully fostered over time, the relationship with ones Ching becomes very personal and personification of such a strong influence seems entirely natural.

    52, as I interpret it, represents six stages of stillness as it applies to our heart and mind. Line 4 represents the trunk, or mid-section of our self. Its the junction of our heart and mind. In meditation, one can sense the rising of ones energy through what in Buddhist terms is commonly referred to as chakras. Line 4 is in the process of leaving the body sphere and entering deep stillness, departing from our usual thoughts and impulses. Wilhelm says, the heart thinks constantly. Trying to stop this flow of heart energy isn?t healthy, which is what line 3 refers to. But, the thoughts of mind with its restlessness will calm and decrease in energy as one ?rises above it? into the higher chakras illustrated in lines 4 through 6. Line 4 enters this place of transition. The mind?s instant chatter subsides and ones breathing becomes calm as an infant. Images still come and go but there?s no restlessness. Once we become thus calmed, we no longer view the world as chaotic and full of stress. We become at peace with life. Line 5 isn?t so much about a state of meditation but about merging inner peace with our outer less-than-tranquil life. The temptation is to try and correct what appears outwardly and to somehow persuade others to see life as we?ve viewed it in a more refined and stable vision. But sharing a vision diminishes the vision?s power and influence, dissipating it into mere noises, and having little or no affect on the world around us. Line 5 advises of this wasteful practice. Keepings ones jaws still allows entrance to cultivate true mind, which is Universal Mind ? The One Collective Mind. At this stage, ones own self isn?t even perceived as a separate being but is merged with entirety. This state is commonly referred to as selflessness, but I personally don?t see it that way. Most Buddhist practices seek to do away with the self in order to experience what they view as detachment or Nirvana. I view it just the opposite, true attachment to Universe or God, or whatever else one wishes to call it. I heard something which struck my funny bone: The best we can do is jump up and down pointing at it! I think this describes 16 nicely. The object isn?t to end life, but to live it more abundantly.


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    Hi Mandy, yes I do feel I Ching has a character of its own and I feel as if I have a relationship with 'it'. I also seem to have the same ups and downs with it as in any other relationship. Sometimes I get really angry with it which is quite a bizarre experience. For example recently
    I received the same hexagrams over and over encouraging me to take what I thought of as quite a risky step in my life. I took that step, then consulted on my next move and Yi seemed to berate me for taking the step it had encouraged in the first place. I put this down to the fact that I just misunderstood the replies I got ?
    Again very recently I was due to start a new job and Yi very clearly stated over and over (till I eventually got 4 and stopped)that I should not take it, well I took 6 line 4 to mean I was not up to it. As I had to work to eat I took the job regardless, and it seems to be okay ? So I'm left wondering what all the warnings were about, I'm sure time will tell.

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    Hi Mandy,
    I would feel honored should I receive 52 line 4 repeatedly. To me it is a place of transition where the I Ching is telling you that you are at that place where all the tools for mastery of the Meditative state are at your disposal and the only thing preventing attainment of that state is your hesitation at complete release of the ego. Apparently those 15 years were well spent as many people spend their entire lives without arriving at this point. You are on the brink of achieving what I believe is one of the most important goals for all us seekers. Concentrate on letting go of your ego and when you accomplish that you will enter a world of wonder indeed. There is no need to describe that world as you will recognize it immediately as that place from which we were all born and where we eventually will all return. Congratulations on the dedication and hard work indicated by this position. You are only one small step away from the wondrous reward your dedication deserves. Bliss and joy are awaiting your arrival.


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    Candid, Louise and Leonard. It's really uplifting to read your replies.
    Candid: you are a true philosopher. Thankyou for your valuable insight.
    Louise: i know exactly what you mean about the relationship!
    Lenardthefast (great name): yes, i feel i will know that place one day, but oh so hard to rid ones self of the ego! Your words give me encouragement. I needed that. Thankyou.

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    Hi Mandy

    I don't know what your specific questions were, when you received #52 line 4. I do feel intuitively that the I Ching is telling you that you have gone a long way in understanding it, but you are not there yet, and indeed none of us truly are. We don't live long enough to grasp all of it, and most of us don't know the old style Chinese language it was written in, but the I Ching is saying, "look for a higher meaning yet in the lines and judgments." That may not be possible yet, but we always strive to improve. One of my favorite ways of getting chewed out by the I Ching is a line that says, in essence, one should treat the I Ching, (Sage) as an honored guest, and not just as a tool. Most of us want to use it for everyday things, and get answers, but the I Ching says it has a greater wisdom, and as #22, Grace says, controversial issues are dare not decided in this way.



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