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Thread: Very funny, Yi!

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    bruce Guest


    Humor in Yi is shirt-tailed onto another discussion thread, but I'll present this here, in case anyone else has a funny Yi story to share.

    This morning while on our morning walk, we (Mojo and me) came to a "wash", which is how the desert channels rainfall. We stopped and looked around and down the wash for signs of wildlife, but aside from a single jack rabbit, nothing was stirring. Still, I had the feeling that we were being watched, and that there was something I was supposed to see. Then my eyes fell to the dusty ground in front of us. There, an exotic bird resembling a cockatiel sat, motionless. He had a yellow head with red splotches around his eyes, and a crest on his head. Clearly this was not a native bird, but rather someone's pet who had flown the coup. Holding Mojo back on his leash, I knelt and slowly put my finger out, hoping he might hop onto it. But he made a loud "sqcreeak!" and flew up into the air, zigzagging his way across the sky and deep into the desert brambles.

    Since this doesn't happen every day, it played on my mind. Could this have been an omen? I asked myself. So half embarrassed by the seemingly silly question, I put it to the Yi. The answer was 62. Wilhelm's line was especially funny to me: "The flying bird brings the message: It's not well to strive upward, it's well to remain below."

    I'll be contemplating this one for awhile.

    But my real question: is Yi pulling my leg?

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    Ah, very beautiful ? but was it humour?

    And that is a motorbike in 62 you know?

    A few days ago my girlfriend rang me to tell me she had a funny experience. She said that she was driving down a long straight road in London when she saw a motorcycle, which had been driving along in front of her. It moved into the middle of the busy road and stopped. No it was not waiting to cross the carriageway of the oncoming traffic, there was no turning or opening there. It was a very odd thing to do. She carefully manoeuvred around it and drove on.

    A few moments later she saw it again? driving along in front of her. There was no way it had passed her.

    Now Liz is a very practical person not given to oracles and that kind of thing.

    I thought about it for a moment and said? it was a motorcycle courier bringing you a message. The first time you carefully avoided it so it represented itself in front of you as if to say pay attention.

    Well I did a quick reading and then realised that she was involved in a little project that she had not told me about, that the thing was coming to fruition and that she had missed something important which needed to be attended to.

    There was that moment when she said, ?Oh, that makes perfect sense now.?

    She is keeping very quiet about what the project is about, but is very excited about it.



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    Bruce did you get any changing lines in 62 ? Sometimes I think I take 62 to speak of keeping your feet on the ground so my immediate thought on reading your post was that Yi is saying 'don't fly too high in fancy, be literal, don't make much of it - no omen just bird'.

    My personal view would be different though - I'd see it as an omen as in my experience birds are good omen bringers.
    Maybe your're just about to meet an exotic blonde backing singer or something ? The message is don't go too close at first she will fly away - best pretend you hadn't really noticed her.

    Or you're ging to come across something that is entirely out of context in your life, you find something where you don't expect to find it and you are keen to approach - you said you 'hoped' the bird would come to you. (Why did you hope that, what feeling were you nurturing there ?)You will be keen to approach this thing, a little excited and expectant - in which case Yi warns keep your feet on the ground and don't rush in or this opportunity or person may fly away - as that bird did.

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    Do you ever find the songs going round in your head are predictive ? Just wondered ? If the song is current or you heard it lately it just gets stuck in your head, but what if its a song you've not heard for a long time, or a song you never liked ? I have found by paying attention to these they seem to have a somewhat predictive message. Right now I have 'What a difference a day makes'. Its driving me nuts !! And also '24 hours from Tulsa' Don't know proper song title -

    Kevin do you mean your girlfriend saw an apparition if she never saw him pass her ?

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    That the birds of worry and care
    Fly high above your head-
    This you cannot help.
    That they build their nests in your hair-
    This you can prevent.

    (Kevin Haley)

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    bruce Guest


    Hi Void,

    No change lines. I figure it's the 'gods' just tapping on my window to keep me on my toes. I do detect a bit of playfulness in the event, but also a reminder not to attempt to soar too high at this time, and to stay in touch with humanity. I really believe the discussion on humor in another thread was part of the reason and value of the bird and consequential reading.

    The reason I wanted to catch it was solely for the bird's welfare. There's a lady who lives a couple houses down who has exotic birds. My intent was to bring the bird there to be cared for. I was disappointed when it flew away. Don't know how it could survive in this very different and difficult environment.

    Yes, songs or media events often seem to connect with other events. But like this morning's little epiphany, I try not to blow it up out of proportion. They are road signs along the way, not something to lose myself in or fret over.

    Brad, that was pretty much what I told myself when it flew off: This I can not help.

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    Hi Void - To be honest she can get very muddle headed... She also suffers from the disability that I taught her to drive... well the bad bits anyway.

    However it is the way it worked... She was telling a driving story and for no reason I can imagine the link between a bike rider and a bike messenger came into my mind... which lead to a reading... which led to her insight.

    Images sparking connections and connections sparking insights? I will never know and I guess I don't need to.

    Been thinking about you and your bird? From here it feels like one of those lovely cracks which lets the light in?


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    micheline Guest


    I love Void's intuitive take on your encounter with the bird, Bruce.

    Yes, the Yi has a sense of humor, a robust one.
    This summer I was planning to reserve a hotel room on the ocean for a few nights, but it was a little more than I wanted to spend....and as it was sight unseen, I really wasnt sure. I asked the Yi about that room and it said 41 no changing lines. So then I asked: Should we even bother to go at all? We really did want to get away for a few days.
    The response was 22.1

    I didnt know what that meant, really. I thought maybe we should stay home and keep it simple. BUt instead we went off to the ocean resort town without a reservation at all. We saw a sign on a nice littleplace that advertised a three night special. WOW, it was a great price. And they had two places, one around the corner...which was even more beautiful. And the room we were given was.....ta-da: 221.
    Coincidence?! I dont think so, because it was a magical three days. evrything was just so perfect.

    So yes, folks, the Yi is a great travel agent, too.

    And yes, Void, I agree with your "song omen" theory....messages from the sub-conscious mind. One time, way before the war in iraq, I remember that I was always idly singing a line from that yellow ribbon song:
    "I'm coming home, I've done my time..."

    I started to get spooked that I was gonna die. BUt I think I know what it meant in retrospect. There was home-coming of sorts.

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    bruce Guest


    Kevin, yes, but a rather pale light, like the color of this page. So many seekers and ?seers? I know are swept up in sensational phenomenon, whether talking with the dead, being psychically in-tune with extra terrestrials, Spirit speaking through them, spiritual guides, etc, etc. This I know isn?t my path, and sometimes I become annoyed and distant from those who place so much emphasis on these things. This is a little reminder not to lose touch, thinking I can fly above it all, or to hide myself away in a cave just to maintain my own Tao.

    And speaking of synchronistic tunes, Void, Strawberry Fields is what plays in my head today; the part which goes "and nothing to get hung about.."

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    bruce Guest


    Micheline, great story!

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