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Thread: Help with 33.1?

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    I recently ended my relationship which seemed to be the right thing to do as it was causing me a lot of pain, however I now miss the person very much and feel very confused.

    I therefore asked "what do I need to know about getting back together with him" and got 33.1. It is saying retreat is good, but I am unsure if by retreat it means retreat away from him or retreat as in give up the battle of staying away and get back together?

    As it is a situation I am very confused about, I am not sure i can read this objectively, can anyone help?


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    Hi Rachel

    I'm sorry that you're in so much pain right now.
    So your question now is: retreat to him or from him.
    I think at this point, "mean people"(Wilhelm) refer to your ex and the struggle to your strong tendency to get back with him. I recently learned that, where man/woman questions are concerned, the trigram Heaven usually represents the man. In this case, you would be the Mountain. That makes sense doesn't it, as the one who has broken up. In 33, the Mountain retreats from Heaven. When the first line alters, it turns into 13. I think what this line strongly says is: retreat from your ex (for the time being), surround yourself with supporting friends. As you got only line 1, this is a realistic option.
    33 also says that it is favourable to withdraw emotionally from your ex.
    33 is what Yi says right now about getting back together. But things are usually changing quickly at heavy times like these. It's not a given fact at all that the situation remains like this.
    Good luck. I hope you can find some peace of mind in this painful time.

    Love and good luck, Femke


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