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    seeker Guest


    My love like is lagging, ok, completely nonexistent. I had been thinking of redoing my personal ad but wasn't sure I should because a couple of my readings lately indicated not tooting my own horn so to speak. So I asked if I should try to improve my ad and got to 62. The 53 and moving lines seem to say that I would make progress but it would be gradual yet the result will be great, but 62 seems to indicate only a small improvement. I'm reading this as saying that my efforts might bring a small increase in my chances, but progress will be slow regardless. Yet, it does look like good fortune in the end. Have I got this right???

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    micheline Guest


    Maybe 62 is telling you to fine tune the details.....to be more specific, include a clearer picture, e.g. or fine tune the details about the man you are seeking, narrow the search?


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