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    hi everyone,
    once again i need a little help in interpreting a reading. Recently a very good friend of mine and I have become somewhat...distant. we haven't had a fight or anything but something's come between us(sorry about all the vagueness, but I'm a very private person )lately, and we havent been as close as we always used to be. i asked the I Ching about the state of our friendship and i got changing to hexagram 1. my interpretation of 48 is that our friendship is like the well which has been providing nourishment to both of us for some time now and ending it would be like the bucket breaking before it reaches the water. However my problem is with the moving lines. 48.1 seems to be saying that things have just gone to hell between us, and that our friendship is just like an abandoned or a muddy well, that can no longer provide nourishment to anyone. i'd interpret 48.4 as saying that our friendship has been built on solid foundations, and 48.6 seems to be saying either that things are the same as they always have been, or that nothing could have or has really come between us like "the well that is not allowed to be covered." is it possible that the first line could just represent the way things are between us at the moment, rather than the way things are going to be from now on, and lines 4 and 6 is telling me where we're really at? or is that just wishful thinking on my part? I know there are "rules" that can be used to help interpret moving lines but my gut feeling is telling me i need to know what all three lines are saying. im not so sure what the secondary hexagram means, any ideas on that? this is kind of important, 'cus I don't want to end up losing one of the best friends i ever had, but i know i've come to the right place for help. sorry about the length of this and thanks!

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    Hi Quale

    48 means stability and deep. It's time to stand by each other, otherwise pitfall.

    The lines are saying: you need to rebuilt the relation, removing the mud, to get fresh water.

    I you do that, the relation will have durability (hex 1)

    Is there something muddy between you? Something unclear? Secrets? missunderstandings?

    Best wishes

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    Your friend and you are both a complementary type.
    You will find his presence useful to you and vice versa. This friendship is not tension free however. But finding the right tension like tuning the guitar to produce harmonic sounds is important.

    If your friend and you are somewhat distant at this moment of time, it is because you are in the process of tuning and adjusting the gaps between with respect to the change of situations.

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    thanx a million to both of you! it makes a lot more sense now...really appreciate it.
    thanx again.


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