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Thread: Should I got to city X this Fall?

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    I'm planning a little getaway to city X this Fall and I asked the Yi to comment on it:

    What about going to city X this Fall:
    Answer: -> 19

    What about NOT going to city X this Fall?:
    Answer: 49

    What will happen when I go to city X this Fall?:
    Answer: 61.3.5 -> 26

    Should I go?

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    seeker Guest


    When you say getaway, do you mean a vacation, rendevous, might help the interpretation if I knew more about why you were going as well as why you are questioning going? Is there someone you would be seeing there? Several of the lines seem to refer to dealing with a relationship.

    A little stumped on that 49 too, but here is one interpretation that is a little different from the usual:

    Hexagram Forty Nine
    K? (Pro: Ger; but with the final ?R? not pronounced) - Shedding An Old Skin

    When the situation becomes too restrictive or repressive there must be revolutionary change. Or when two powers strive against each other, one seeks to dominate.

    Before the change life is uncomfortable in the old skin, the old way. When the change comes then it can be valued, though the steps to it might not be welcome. Therefore change what is intolerable or tight.

    Changes are occurring in life all the time. But occasionally the mounting change builds up slowly out of sight. Only as it completes itself in the final flourishes does it emerge and appear revolutionary. Although difficult, such renewal brings fresh hope and energy.

    Success arises from being able to ride the highs and lows of these waves of change without losing balance. When such changes occur, either within oneself or in the world of relationships, work or society, recognise the new order of things and work with it. Let go of what was of no value or a contributor of misery in the old order.

    Such change, when revolutionary, needs careful handling. This may arise by recognising the sequence of change, as it occurs, for instance, in the seasons. By understanding what will follow we can prepare for it.

    Key words: Shedding the old, meeting the new. Passing through revolution with balance.

    Im just not sure if it the revolution is in staying or going. Dont think I am being much help at the moment, but let me think about it, and I will look at it again when I have had some sleep. Agitation over Mr Seemingly Wonderful kept me up till almost 4:00

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    No, this is just a little vacation I take by myself about twice a year to this particular city. I noticed as well that the lines seemed to suggest someone else....yet I am going alone. I found that puzzling. Will I meet someone there perhaps? I guess I'll find out

    I also found the hex 49 very odd. However, I just now had an idea about what it may mean. This person that I'm with now may not want me to go. If I give in and don't go...there WILL be a revolutionary change...because I look forward to these little vacations. They mean a lot to me.

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    "What about going to city X this Fall:
    Answer: -> 19"

    Looks positive. By exercising some restraint now, something big and good will approach in time, or something equally auspicious.

    "What about NOT going to city X this Fall?:
    Answer: 49"

    49's about throwing off something that you don't need anymore, which in this case is your second question, I think. You got a positive response to your first question, so I think that 49 is saying something like: "Get rid of the second question, the one about not going to the city."

    In other words, have a good time in that city this autumn. Autumn's soon. Nice.
    Blessings on your harey lotus feet

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    seeker Guest


    I did notice in looking at your questions, that the 3rd says when you go, not if, freudian slip???

    For the readings, I see Dobro posted, thats one to listen to, one of the old hands so to speak

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    I probably put the "when" there because I saw that the first reading looked positive. I just wanted to make sure though.

    63.1 looks a bit ominous though. It's nice to find comrades...but what's with all that emotional ping-pong stuff? That makes it sound as if it's a man...and it's not going to be good. Line 5 sounds good though.

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    jesed Guest


    Hi Clarissa

    From Master Joseph Yu's texts:

    9==> 19
    At present time, your preparation is inadequate. You have to be well equipped for something big.
    In the future, things are getting clear. Success

    An stable answer: It is not a straight path to go

    61==> 26
    At present time, you are in control. It will be fortunate if you advance slowly.
    In the future, the timing will be right for somthing great although it looks perilous.

    My own opinion, after reading this: get ready for something great by going to city X. Maybe it will be more than just vacation???

    Best wishes

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    Thanks Jesed...

    I'm going to go...probably sometime in October or November. Will report back on what happens

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    You said,

    "My own opinion, after reading this: get ready for something great by going to city X. Maybe it will be more than just vacation"

    It is starting to look that way. I just found the first two questions I asked about this trip. I had forgotten that I asked them several weeks before the other questions...but I just found them:

    What do I need to be aware of regarding my upcoming trip to city X this Fall?

    11.5 -> 5

    What does city X mean for me?

    8.5 -> 2

    This should be interesting

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    jesed Guest


    Interesting, indeed

    11.5 ==> 5

    Sound to me like a spiritual path of blessing and growing.

    The context is 5: Waitting whit a correct attitude will atract Heaven's bless.

    The answer is 11: is a time of blessing and fertility. Everything is growing because Heaven and Earth (man-woman; inferiors-superiors; you and the Oracle; etc.) interact properly. Line 5 shows how a great bless depends on modest aproaching.

    By the other hand, it could be a blessed relationship to find in that trip

    Best wishes

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