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Thread: Help with 38.1and 38.3

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    peace Guest


    Perhaps this is the day for 38.

    I took the summer off - and now with facing going back to work, I wonder about lifestyle - crazy corporate or slower paced as a clinical psychologist with many less hours.
    Both are options in the immediate few months.

    I asked:

    How should I set up the best lifestyle for myself?and got:
    38.1 and 38.3 which changes to 50.

    I don't see how it gets to 50.

    Then I asked - What are the contradictions and I got:
    43.4 and 43.6 changing to 9.

    I can't make sense of any of it.

    The contradictions have nothing to do anyone but myself.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated!


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    bruce Guest


    Hi Rosalie,

    I love your first question and answer, and see no contradiction.

    You set your best lifestyle by not basing it on the hopes, fears or expectations others have for you. This allows you to live your ting. ("do your own ting?" )

    The difference I see between 43 and 9 is that in 43 you enable and announce yourself, whereas 9 has to hold back. Freedom vs. inhibition.

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    peace Guest


    Thanks so much Bruce.
    I didn't understand about 43 to 9.
    43 changed into 9 - not sure why?

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    bruce Guest


    While I don't perceive a contradiction as such from your first reading, I can make a connection to the result by way of comparing actions and consequences: 43 if you follow the first answer and 9 if you don?t.

    Make sense?

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    peace Guest


    Bruce -
    Yes it does.

    I have always read the second hexagram as the next step after following the lines of the first hexagram.

    It puts a whole new spin on interpretation for me.
    Now I understand why you didn't see a contradiction.


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    bruce Guest


    Rosalie, most welcome.

    There's been quite a few threads on the relating hexagram here in the past. A search may find them, in case you're interested.



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