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Thread: Letting go...?

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    hey all,
    i asked very simply whether its time for me to let go of this(this being something thats been on my plate for quite a while now). the answer was 63.6 changing to 37. i interpret the 63.6 as saying I'm in too deep to just walk away now, but I can't make sense of 37. a total guess would be that it's telling me what a big part of my life this has become but I'm not sure. what do you guys think? and also, as for letting go, is it a yes or a no?

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    bruce Guest


    It's time to move on and put your life in order.

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    seeker Guest


    Wilhelm says of this line:

    "Six at the top means:
    He gets his head in the water. Danger.

    Here in conclusion another warning is added. After crossing a stream, a man's head can get into the water only if he is so imprudent as to turn back. As long as he goes forward and does not look back, he escapes this danger. But there is a fascination in standing still and looking back on a peril overcome. However, such vain self-admiration brings misfortune. It leads only to danger, and unless one finally resolves to go forward without pausing, one falls a victim to this danger."

    I believe your answer is definately to let go an move on. A bit of advice I give to everyone, something it took me over a year to get and I dont still adhere to. Better at giving advice than following it Yes and no questions do not always provide the clearest answers as they can be a bit limiting. Also avoid questions about results or others intentions, feelings, etc. The best 2 questions you can ask about a situation are what do I need to do and what do I need to know? Not that you wont get answers with the other questions, but the answers for these are generally clearer. My own experience has led to the belief that sometimes Yi will tell you to do things that will not get the result you think you want, but will get you where you need to be. So, result oriented questions can muck up the waters.

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    yeah i've been thinking carefully about it, and I've decided that your both right. cheers. and thanks, for the pointers Seeker!


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