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Thread: Article: "Elemental Changes in the I Ching?"

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    Post Article: "Elemental Changes in the I Ching?"

    Here is an article I wrote, which might interest you:

    * * https://www.exactphilosophy.net/elem...es-i-ching.pdf

    It is about a new way of arranging the trigrams of the I Ching in a circle and considers trigrams in terms of changes between the 4 "Greek" elements. See the article for full details and several illustrations.

    About me: I am a Swiss physicist (*1966 in Zürich) and have had contact with the I Ching since about 15 years, but I am not an expert on it and cannot read ancient (or modern) Chinese. What I know very well (besides obviously having some skills in scientific areas), is Western astrology, and I have a certain overview over all kinds of similar "systems" worldwide...

    And happy 2017 to everybody!

    Alain (StaIder)

    PS: There is also a German version of the arcticle if you prefer that:


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    Default Article: "Elemental Changes in the I Ching?"

    FYI, the article is now also available as part of a book:

    Title: exactphilosophy.net 2017
    Author: Alain Stalder (=me)
    Publisher: Artecat Alain Stalder (=me too, essentially)
    Year: 2017
    ISBN: 978-3-906914-01-5
    Pages: 50-55 (English), 56-61 (German)

    I am providing this information mainly so that the article can now be referenced from other works in a maybe more permanent way, but note that the article will remain available in electronic form online for free as long as I possibly can. Also associated with this publication is a copy of the book archived at the Swiss National Library (due to the Swiss ISBN), which is also important to make the publication stick independently of me, since I did not publish the article in an academic journal.

    That said, I find the book ist quite beautiful in its way (but also expensive), see here for more information:

    • Google Books: https://books.google.com/books?id=C8dBDwAAQBAJ
    • Publisher's website (mainly in German): https://www.artecat.ch/exactphilosophy-net-2017.html
    • Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/3906914011
    • Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/alain-stald...-23440594.html

    All the best for 2018!


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