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    You could well be right on this, Amber. You need to confirm this with further questions but the I Ching might well be suggesting that you go ahead and meet the people you've mentioned. Sometimes the I Ching will give a response that answers every possible aspect of a situation in one reading. At other times you might have to build-up your answer from several readings, but if it seems reluctant don't push it, simply allow the situation to abide in your subconscious for a day or so and then ask again.

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    Just a quick update on the situation:

    My husband didn't get a job with the company he had applied to work for. They decided to go with candidates who have more years experience in the field. He does however have several interviews lined up and has been signed on to do freelance work with a company that is only minutes away from where we will be living.

    My mother found out that her health is in even worse shape than we had realized, and our rent in our current apartment is going to be increased once our lease is up at the end of May, so we decided to move a month earlier than we had planned.
    Feels chaotic but positive, and I am happy to be able to see my parents sooner rather than later.

    Amber Rose

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