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Thread: The Hexagram 42 paradox

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    Dear friends,
    As a beginner, I was puzzled when I posed a question to the I Ching. The reading was aimed at finding out what might be my future with someone for whom I have great affection but the relationship fell apart. The I Ching answered with the Hexagram 42, being the changing lines two, three and five. Afterwards, I asked what might be that person?s future with his current girlfriend and the result was intriguing. The answer turned out to be the same Hexagram 42, with the changing line three. Then I had, paradoxically, almost the same approach regarding two different situations, although one person is the same in both questions. I would appreciate some enlightenment on the subject, which is obviously beyond my understanding.

    Thank you.

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    Dear Learner: It happens to me, the Yi is not answering your question but pointing events to come in your own life (only you can know for sure if this is indeed true) The very good thing is from 42:3 indicates that with some work on your part, you will experience Increase.
    The former reading 42:2,3,5 = 26 Well, well how nice 42:2 usually means money and its not from any effort on your part. 42:3 has already been discussed, and 42:5 indicates peace, prosperity and a wonderfully kind heart. I think this influence is so strong in your aura right now the Yi is not answering. Try this - if you really want a answer to that relationship question, meditate and center yourself and do some sort of ritual before you inquire.

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    Dear Midaughter,
    Thank you for your insight on the subject. I suppose that the tortoises from Hexagram 42 are standing by me. On the other hand, I do not understand how the money issue came into play, being the inquiry so much a heart-broken matter. You made a good point there, maybe I should try another reading focusing on the future of the relationship itself, if there is any. However, I would not know what to do with the previous reading, with the puzzling changing line three in both questions, regarding my situation with a person and his with another partner.

    I must move on learning.
    Best wishes,


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