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Thread: Holiday dilemma - 40.1 > 54 & 18.3.5 > 59

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    Default Holiday dilemma - 40.1 > 54 & 18.3.5 > 59

    A: Outcome of staying in mobile home S - Hexagram 40.1. > Hexagram 54

    B: Outcome of staying in safari tent - Hexagram 18.3.5 > Hexagram 59

    HI all!
    I'm trying to book a little holiday for myself & my daughter as she has a full week off school during the off peak season, which is the only time I can afford to go. So going to make the most of it
    We are planning to go to a camping holiday style park that has it's own accommodations aswell as proper camping facilities. Unfortunately the accommodation we really wanted sold out right as I went to pay for it! So we are left with only two options.

    My criteria for our accommodation on this trip would be:
    1) Somewhere quieter at night time as I'll have to study over there
    2) Enough floor space to throw down a mat to practice (part of my study)
    3) A little privacy, particular the outside space. I'd rather not be on top of neighbours etc.
    4) A couch/seating area to chill in the evening after a day of activities.

    I have a pro/con for each of our options:

    Mobile home (40.1 > 54)

    More floor space (I think)
    Sofa to chill in the evenings.

    Close to the night time entertainment so noisy
    No privacy when sitting at tables & chairs in the outside space.

    Safari Tent (18.3.5 > 59)

    Fun! It's something a little different
    In a quieter area
    More private outside terrace.
    Has a dishwasher!

    It doesn't have actual doors, just zips closed so I feel a little uneasy about not being able to lock up at night & when we're out.
    No sofa, just chairs.
    The bedrooms are adjoining & not fully separate, so a little lack of personnel space. But this is not a deal breaker.

    At a glance of the readings I thought that the 40.1 (mobile home) was the obvious choice.
    But I'm wondering if the 18.3.5 (safari tent) is speaking of some mother/daughter bonding time?
    Things have been strained lately & we're butting heads alot - she's going to puberty at the moment & very moody & argumentative.
    I wanted to bring her on a holiday so she can just have fun & be a kid for a few days

    Any input into these Hex's is much appreciated!

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    Actually on second thoughts maybe the mobile ( Hexagram 40 ) isn't such a good idea?

    40.1 - No error ---> Undertakings brig misfortune. Nothing that would further ( Hexagram 54 )

    How could a positive line lead to a seemingly dead end? Also I've read on 54 that it's the end of childhood? Which might tie in with what I mentioned above with my daughter.
    Or is it telling me I'm finding problems with this option when there really isn't any?

    I'm struggling a little on how to apply Hexagram 18 to my question....other than the bonding time with my daughter I mentioned before, which might have something to do with the lines?
    But reading both the judgement of 18 & Hexagram 59 - both say "Success" & "It furthers one to cross the great water"
    (the trip is overseas)

    OR are both readings saying each accommodation is a good option, that I just need to hurry up & choose one!
    (it's time sensitive as there are very few of each left)

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    hello, i am a newbie too but I think the first line of hex 40 says it is good to stay in mobile home. The 54 should be the reason of your question, that you don't want to be bothered.the second question about the tent: uhm I'd say that the two lines speak about a situation in which you have still something to fix before being prepared for the safari tent, and that you shouldn't do all alone (hex 59)but then the problems disappear and you join other people for the safari experience

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    Actually on second thoughts maybe the mobile ( Hexagram 40 ) isn't such a good idea?

    40.1 - No error ---> Undertakings brig misfortune. Nothing that would further ( Hexagram 54 )

    How could a positive line lead to a seemingly dead end? Also I've read on 54 that it's the end of childhood? Which might tie in with what I mentioned above with my daughter.
    Or is it telling me I'm finding problems with this option when there really isn't any?
    You ask how such a positive line can lead to a dead end ? It doesn't. The relating hexagram is not the 'result' or end at all. See Hilary's blog on this


    I think also you may be using some rubbish commentaries rather than read what the I Ching says. 54 really does not say anything about the end of childhood. Well I guess it is called 'the marrying maiden' a time where a girl leaves her home to become a second wife in the husband's home but here I don't think it refers to the end of childhood.

    I think clearly the motor home is the better idea.

    18>59 looks a pretty appalling cast for a tent ! Straight away it looks like it's a faulty tent (18) liable to blow away (59). Okay that is pretty literal but I'm not keen on this cast for mother daughter bonding either. There is also the safety aspect. With a motor home you can lock the doors and drive away but 18>59 just gives me a picture of floundering and flapping. Decay's Dispersion. Okay at the most optimistic one might see it as the dispersion of decay but it more likely looks like decay spreading out without boundaries. You need the boundaries I think. The boundaries between you and the boundaries of the actual doors.

    In the end it's your choice and you have to use your judgement independently of any I Ching reading of course.

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    Another option with 40.1 is it isn't about either of these options.

    40.1 actually just says, from Hilary's translation

    'No mistake'

    Being the first line of 40, release from knots, it simply says there are no complications any more.

    I wonder if it is worth contacting the initial option that was sold out again ? They may have had some cancellations ?

    Or there may be a very simple option there already you haven't yet noticed.

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    Thank you both for your replies!

    Initially I had thought of 18 - there's something wrong with the safari tent, something is broken. But I'm now wondering if it's saying repair what my initial reaction was to staying in this style of accommodation; which was "Eww not a tent"
    It is more glamping rather than traditional camping; i.e the inside is that of an luxury apartment/cabin (real beds, fridge, freezer, hob, there's even a tv!) but the walls, doors & windows are that of a tent.

    Interestingly enough; I have been trawling through the internet trying to find photos of the inside of the safari tent to try & help with my decision, but only came up with the same 3 promotional photos (the safari tents are brand new & only available to book since last summer).
    Since I posted here this morning I found some! - a link almost hidden in the corner of their website - so right under my nose!
    Trojina I wonder if this is the simple option that you mentioned that I hadn't noticed?

    It contained 360 panoramic views of all their accommodations.....& I have to say I'm sold on the tent! It's well laid out & looks like a more fun option. The only problems I have with it is maybe it would be cold at night, although it says they have both heating & air conditioning. And again the security issues with the doors - I emailed them regarding this; there is a safe to keep valuables inside but it's not big enough to fit a laptop (problem). But they told me they are working on the improvement of locks on the tent for this coming season, but last year it was just zips. They assured me there is 24hr security within the park (only guests are allowed in/out of the grounds

    Actually these 360 photos have really put me off the mobile home! They are quite close together & You can park your car right beside it (I don't have a car) & some of them face the carpark...as in your outside tables & chairs are a few feet away from the parked cars! Not into that at all!
    You can choose which one you want according to the map but when I go into book it doesn't give me the option (it does for the tent) which most likely means there's only one left & I don't get a choice. It's still in a very noisy area, which is off putting.

    Trojina - interesting you suggested going back to the original option - Originally the lodge we wanted wasn't available for the entire stay, it was sold out for the first few days we want to travel; so I thought why not stay in 2 types - 1 for the first few days & then move to the lodge we wanted for the remainder. We were both excited by this & saw it as a little adventure!

    Going back in on their website booking system & messing around with dates - I see the lodge we had originally wanted is available BUT is now only for the first few days of our stay! Argh

    Perhaps I should do a reading for breaking it up between accommodations, as was the original booking

    I think possibly I'm overthinking this whole thing! I'm annoying even myself at this stage lol!

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    Outcome of splitting holiday between 2 accommodations - Hexagram 12.2.4 > 59

    Again with 59!!!

    I will have to look further into these lines & have a think , but initially could it mean going about it in an unconventional way by booking 2 different brings the standstill to an end (12) & dissolves the problem (59)?

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    The standstill of 12 seems to mean that your first accomodation will come to a standstill, then 59 shows you moving on to the other one, where you will enjoy more dispersion.

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    An interesting update:

    So I called the holiday park the holiday park yesterday as I had found the original accommodation we had wanted to stay in but it was unavailable on 1 of the days of our holiday right in the middle. So I contacted them to see if there was anything they could do.
    They couldn't, so wanting to weigh up my options I asked what number the available accommodations so I could locate them on their map:
    There were 2 sized mobiles:

    Mobile 1 - no. 12
    Mobile 2 - no. 12
    Option to break up holiday between 2 types; first type the original lodge we wanted, second type NO. TWELVE!!!

    I saw that as a sign & happily booked the split accommodations & we are going to have ourselves a little adventure

    We also have priority if someone cancels in the meantime to get our original desired lodge for the entire stay, so if that happens great, if it doesn't also great! Also My sister might be joining us but won't decide till much closer to holiday time so possibly line 4 of 12?

    On a side note - I asked about the safari tents & she straight away told me not to book it! Told me that they had a lot of problems with them last season (which was their first season with the tents) air con & heating wouldn't work & big problems with the doors as there was no way of locking them & they were not secure, she couldn't recommend them - so Hex 18 was quite literal with them being broken!

    I love how straight to the point the iChing is sometimes!

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