Dear Rosada, Just read your reply to Rodaki, Thank you. It seems that some of my information is not getting through. Don't know if it is my computer that is at fault, Lots of times I can't even 'log in'. Thank you for your input, today I will go to 'Age concern' they are very helpful with advice. One incident I would mention is that when he was first admitted (unconscious) the doctor/surgeon started to say that there Might be some disability, the Only response from her was "Oh he wont like that, we've discussed it" in a very sharp tone of voice; even the doctor looked surprised. My reason for concern is that I am coming to the conclusion that she does not want him to recover. When he was coming in and out of consciousness, I told him that God was with him and he was being healed, he nodded, she intervened and said "He's only nodding to say he's heard you" Every suggestion I make she does the opposite. When he was somewhat improved in hospital, he was insistent on wanting to go home, all the medics were saying that he wasn't safe to go home, she told me and others, (including his Consultant) that she would take him home. The Consultant put her in her place, told her she had no say in the matter. I will go now. Thank you again Rosada. P.S. I can't seem to answer on the previous Thread but don't know what I could be doing wrong.