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Thread: 47,2,4>8 Lost and hoping for advice

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    Default 47,2,4>8 Lost and hoping for advice

    Hello, and thank you for taking time to read my thread.
    My question is what does the future hold for me as I fear I am having a breakdown.
    I have reached a crisis point in my life, and have nearly lost hope that I will find my way through.
    A bit of history....I have always suffered extreme anxiety/depression due to childhood, then bad relationships. For years now Ive been a sole parent with very little/no support, and had accepted my life as such. Then, somehow I met a man (with problems) but fell in love for the 1st time in my life in early 2016. I saw so much good in him, and learnt to trust and have faith in good again.
    Long story short, he wasn't who I thought he was.His extreme goodness was paralleled by his coldness and cruelty. We learnt he had cancer, then learnt it was 4th stage...this was may 2017. His ex wife, who has remarried, and who I was friends with gave her blessing to us both, but was always undermining each of us. Upon learning he had cancer, she doubled her efforts, caused problems until we broke up and she put a granny flat on her property for him. She told so many lies, that I was sure he would see through but he never did. Needless to say her motivation was the fact that he had never changed his will with it all going to her.I never gave up hope that he would get well, or that we could overcome our problems. But he died 27 dec 17. She caused trouble between us right till his last days but thats another long story. Sorry if this isnt very coherent but my state of mind is disinergrating. I am at a loss to comprehend all that has happened. I feel as though evil and greed trumped love and goodness. I never cared about the money, and pretty much supported him the whole time he was with me.
    I feel so used and worthless. And its getting harder not to give into feelings of utter hopeless and despair.
    I have no idea how to get through this time other than keep going, one day at a time, but my energy mentally and physically is so low.
    Sorry for the long saga. If anyone could advise what to make of this reading for my future I would be so grateful. I just need hope.
    Thank you

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    I see the I Ching as telling you that even though you are feeling 47. Exhausted and even 47.2 wondering if trying to take part in life, build relationships etc, is worth the effort, still you will find that as you 47.4 move forward 8. Seeking Union with others, no matter how slowly eventually you find your life works.
    So keep on keeping on.
    You might get value from asking, "What should be my attitude?" or "What should be my perspective, how should I view this recent experience?"
    Also, I find it helpful to consider that we can send love and light to our past selves. That is, visualize your childhood self. Send that child love. Visualize your self from last year when you sere going through such a hard time. Send that self love. Now consider that your future self is sending you love right now. You will find your mind starts connecting with a much brighter future.
    Best wishes,

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    Thank you Rosada for your lovely response. I have been doing the iching for the last few months...asking all sorts of advice,usually getting hexes 29, 18....you get the picture. Today was just the final straw of feeling hopeless. Amazing how many times Ive got 'Dark night of the soul' which is exactly how this period feels. I will try your advice as I feel as though Ive tried everything else to keep going but I havent tried that. Thank you again xxx

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    Dear Jouls11, I would like to share something I felt here.The second line means that you cannot change the circumstances; you cannot change the fact that he is gone and the experiences you explained with his ex. When it changes it goes to 45, where you can reunite all your resources, your experiences because you are not novel, you have what you need. The fourth line is firm and it should be flexible, so maybe: be receptive, open up. Number 8 is a calling, maybe. The Yi is calling you to keep asking to find a way out, to heal. 47 happens inside, that is why words to the outside are useless, nobody can listen to what is going on so deeply inside. I think the Yi is describing your situation with H 47. Everything you said is there, and in the lines. But Yi also gave you H 8, a very loving answer. You are not alone. Maybe the Yi is saying: “Come back to me, as many times as you need, I will guide you”. I can feel love in its answer. You are mourning. The Yi told you this with H47 and hugged you with H8. Use the book, it is welcoming you. I hope it helps.

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    Thank you Carmina. I only just checked this again (Im not very familiar with how to see replies!).
    Ive just got home after a morning of working, all the while feeling helpless, hopeless and despairing. Your kinds words made me cry again, but for a good reason. Thank you.x

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    The main hexagram is hexagram 47 oppression and exhaustion. The upper trigram is tui (yin, marsh) metal. It also represents destruction or ruin, with the meaning that this may lead to excessive pleasure (food, drink, money) as a means of escape. The lower trigram is kan water. It represents sadness. It means worries, like a water in abysmal. Its combination means that you felt like you are shouting at four walls and trapped in a situation.

    However, if you change your angle in looking at things, you will realize that there is a way out of all this. First, a little bit of water would not wet you head and mind. Your mind is still quite clear, looking for the way out. Tui metal produced water. It sounds like The Lake offers a place to relax with family and friends. Your mind is therefore relaxed and calm. Else you will not posted here to discuss matters frankly.

    There is little to worry about when both your heart and head are clearly. Unexpected events may bother you at one time, but 49 days (7 x 7 = 49) have passed since his passing on Dec 27 2017. By Feb 4 2018, the next astrology year started – mou earth xu earth year. By Feb 15, it is the Chinese Lunar new year. The residual memory may once in awhile bother you for another few months. By Aug 8 2018, you will fully move on.

    The main hexagram means that you kindness and talent are not recognized, but if you stay true to your beliefs, that you will feel contended and happy, and also found yourself among people who cares (friends and/or family or other folks).
    Since hexagram 47 is a six couple hexagram, the character in line 1 & 4, 2 & 5, 3 & 6 couples together. You put up with people you do not like. For example, line 47.1 is the host line female yin wood who is very strong this month (Jia wood Yin wood month until March 4, and will fade away up to Apr 4 because it is yi wood mao wood month). After that, wood month is gone for long.

    Line 47.1 host line is tiger and conflicts with guest line 47.4 child line. Child hai water means capital, younger person. Since this is a change line to brother line shen metal at hex 8.4. It is the other party that robs the wealth and appears conflicting, but so what.

    Line 47.2 and line 47.4 are both change lines. When they change, they do not couple to line 5 and line 1. The boundary of six couple falls apart, you are not trapped at all.

    The transformed hexagram is in house of kun, holding on together hexagram 8. The upper trigram is kan water, and lower trigram is kun earth. It means soul returning hexagram. Things return back to normal. Normal set of minds comes from people holding on together for a common belief or goal.

    I do not know what you are hoping for in your query, this is all I can tell you at this time.

    To make you feel better at time of a human created uncertainty, I compute the late heaven iching map for you in Xiao Shing Iching.

    The future lies in the house of five: hexagram 52 Ken, mountain and keeping still. You have to stay put and wait for a more opportune time. Certain difficulties have to be overcome with time. Since hexagram 52 is a six strike hexagram, parties do not agree and you have to stay still to figure out how to resolve things. Both chi are upperwards, things looking up and you are moving on.

    Another indication of future is the house of 9 Li fire. The hexagram is hexagram 49 revolution. You have to change your way of thinking. Past is past, the future has yet to come. This involves coming together with others to formulate the future. Do not be a loner.

    House of 4 is sun wood and also the sun wood hexagram 57 (wind penetrating). The problem here is hex 57 is a six strike hexagram. It is not good for indirect income such as investment income, gains and losses. 2018 is not a year of good investment return for most people. In your cases, be careful with your money if you plan for gain. Do not rush into things because it is easy to trap into financial losses.

    Outside the scope of Iching, how long it bothers you depend on how long you know the person who passed on. In Iching reading, the other houses will provide some insight. There is no need to cite any of them for this reading.


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