Aiming for lines other than what I've received has, at times, really helped me improve my outlook on my situation and thought I'd share it as a reading tool. For example:

54.1.3>32 is my yearly reading. 54.3 implies a compromise with strings attached, not so desirable in my opinion even though it is judged in a neutral fashion. Then, I look at line 54.4. She holds out and is rewarded for taking the preferable, wise path. So, a number of times already this year I've modeled myself after 54.4 instead, preferring to wait for a right person to be available to get things done or taking a more realistic look at what I really "need" and holding out for better times instead of stressing out over what I don't have.

In the past, I had a reading 21.4.6>24. In general, it implied "impasse" to me. However, I really liked line 21.5 about making fair and right decisions instead of being "deaf" like line 21.6. I even cast on how to be like 21.5 and got>51 which gave me practical advice on interacting with others.

Just a thought for taking things in a new direction when a line one receives seems less than optimal.