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Thread: The empty city - 46.3>7

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    Default The empty city - 46.3>7

    I thought I would share some of my recent experiences with this line.
    I have cast the line twice in the last two weeks

    1 The first experience was I was really stressed about money in my work. I had been working really hard and was getting frustrated. I asked the Yi and received the 46.3>7. I was also having sound issues with my skype that was due to the provider. I found out there working on the system or doing maintenance.( really frustrating). The speed of the net was fluctuating thus causing a bad effect on skype quality.
    I am not joking half an hour later after i got a sale and it was so easy. The type of sale you wish they were all like. So it was like strolling through an empty city.

    2 The other experience I had was that I had received a bitcoin payment and generally they take 10 -20 minutes to received the money into your wallet. This was on Friday, it was really tough week here. There was nothing in the cupboards and we were literally starting to get hungry, 4 hours later and the funds were still not there. When receiving bitcoin it goes down a block chain. You basically need 3 sometimes 4 confirmations before the funds are released. At this stage I had not got one confirmation. and time was running out and was starting to get quite worried. Once the bitcoin hits the wallet I then need to transfer that to a physical place or agency where you can go an pick up the money (like western union)
    I asked the Yi am I going to get the funds today, i then received the empty city line. After my previous experience the week before. I was immediately confident, then sure enough bang 1,2, 3 confirmations and the funds were available.
    We collected the money then went straight to a local restaurant.

    As you can see both experiences were very positive and both were to do with money. I do remember in the past I have had experiences that have not been so positive. However sadly I cant remember what I was asking. I believe there was one question, I think i was asking about the direction of my business this was actually when I first started the business. I believe I was being told I am drifting aimlessly and that the business had no direction.

    The line has always fascinated me in the fact you can have positive and negative experience's.

    I would love to read about other peoples experiences. The line is a little mysterious to me.


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    I used 47.3 in a spell once, trying to find an employment opportunity.
    Two weeks later I had a planning job, helping to design a new city from scratch.
    I didn't know about the job when I did the spell. It was going to be
    a town for 2000 people on 1400 empty acres. The job went on for years,
    and I got to work with some amazing people, but in the end, it proved a little
    too far ahead of its time and the project fizzled back into vaporware. Empty city.
    There's almost always a bit of the ironic in magic.

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    Thats interesting, so it really does depend on the question. I am getting a feeling its not the best answer for long term questions or large projects, I found it very fortunate in the short term.


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    Perhaps it partly depends on what kind of city you expected/ wanted to find? If you were anticipating finding allies, kindred spirits, encouragement, reinforcements, a warm welcome... then the empty city will be a disappointment, tinged with melancholy as you imagine how lively it must once have been. But if you were anticipating battlements bristling with arrows and a month-long siege, then just walking straight through will be a great relief.
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    Yes that makes good sense, in my experience I really needed that money to clear, so I got through as fast as I could and it was a relief.

    However when I asked about my business in its early stages it was not so auspicious.
    I guess the question is why is the city empty? or more is it better for your situation if it is?

    Thanks that does answer my thoughts on why I have had positive and negative experiences with the line.


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    I received this line 3 times: 2 out of 3 was about relationship related and as Hilary had pointed out, there was nothing there, pretty much empty, drained with disappointment.

    The other time was work related, my department went through a reorganization so I asked if I would still have a position here. I was transferred to a new department and didn't have a boss yet. As I recall, it was a good period of relaxation; however, the warning of 46.3 is very well noted as no promise of a good future is added to this line. Not long after, they hired someone from outside of the company and things started to go south for me.

    I found another interesting translation of line 3 (The image of an empty city means you are starting from scratch. This is a time when you and a special someone will have a clean slate. Open your arms wide and embrace the new)


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