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Thread: Hexagram 37 changes to hexagram 3, will it happen?

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    Default Hexagram 37 changes to hexagram 3, will it happen?

    I cast a divination asking if my ex helper will return to my country to work for us soon. She left last year to take a break and when she wanted to come back, she has fallen ill. I told her I'll wait for her. In fact, i have no intention of hiring new help due to bad experiences so if she doesn't return, I will do without full time help at home. From my casting, i interpret it as there was some unhappiness initially but it has been forgotten and forgiven. She wants to come back but I'll need to approach this with thoughts instead of rushing and it'll happen eventually. Am I right in my reading?
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    Now, I'm thinking if the need to think through properly is due to what kind of illness she has. Whether it is serious or not. I hope it'll all work out well for both parties in whatever ways.

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    Hi Chanceminer,

    37.3: "When tempers flare up in the family, too great a severity brings remorse. Good fortune nonetheless. When women and children dally and laugh, it leads in the end to humiliation."

    It sounds like you were/are very happy with her, but this line indicates some bruised feelings. Are they hers, yours, or both? I think this line is indicating there has been some lapse in communication or good relations in your past with her. Especially so as you indicate she wanted to take a break. You also indicate there may have been some unhappiness in the beginning. Do you know what the unhappiness was about? Was it ever discussed? Perhaps her illness is a homesickness, but she's too timid to be forthright with you? I think the remedy here is to be honest with her and yourself, in such a way that opens things up and invites her to be honest and forthright with you.

    37.6: "His work commands respect. In the end good fortune comes."

    You respect her and her work. I would make sure that's communicated to her. What is important to her? The work she does is very intimate, while it is also a job. It requires of her to care deeply about you and the work she is doing for your life. Be sure there is mutual care about what is important to her and her loved ones, and understand it is very difficult to be in another country, far from home.

    3.3: "Whoever hunts deer without the forester only loses his way in the forest. The superior man understands the signs of the time and prefers to desist. To go on brings humiliation."

    I wouldn't push her or pressure her to come back. To do so would be to misread the signs. I would give her time and space, after communicating that you respect and care about her as a person. Your question included the word "soon." That seems unlikely.

    3.6: Horse and wagon part. Bloody tears flow.

    I think you have to prepare for the possibility that she will not return. If so, make sure she understands that you still care for her and you're not put out by her decision.

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    Hi, Thank you for your help in reading. I was happy with the way she cared for my kids but not in her standards in other areas. Hence, i was willibg to extend her employment despite it. I was also harsh with her at the beginning as she made several mistakes so maybe she doesn't really want to work for me but misses my kids.Will take your advice not to push her. Thanks again.


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