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Thread: Selling My House - which is a better reading? 64.2.5>12 OR

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    Default Selling My House - which is a better reading? 64.2.5>12 OR

    Hello All! I would like to request your expertise please! Never sold a house before til now. The process has been smooth so far, but just a little hiccup. I received a full price offer (within 24 hours of being on the market!) from well qualified buyers and we are now at the appraisal stage. The appraisal, which according to my agent, is very subjective and could potential delay process. Anyways, the report came back 10K under sale price and buyers aren't budging off the appraisal's numbers. I could order another one but we're waiting on his detailed report. Other homes have sold 5k below my sale price in my neighborhood. Either way, I'll still make a pretty great profit. Is it worth getting a second opinion on the appraisal? So here are my questions:What should I do about the appraisal? 48 unchanging - ughhhh this frustrates me so much because the well is always there and doesn't change!?! makes me indecisive as ever. Do I have means to reach the water - meaning waiting for another appraisal? I think so, but am I being greedy trying to get more?What would happen if I accept the appraisal and continue to closing on 3.28? Hex 64.2.5>12 Before Completion is like hitting the nail on the head, but the context of standstill makes me feel a lil uneasy. Line 2 - wheels dragged back, constancy good fortune. It's a minor setback but can still cross the river. Line 5 - constancy good fortune, no regrets, a noble one's radiance...I like the idea of no regrets, but why am I being blocked? Will some other situation cause a delay in closing?ORWhat if I get a 2nd appraisal? Hex>53 Enduring Gradual Development - uncanny there's 4 moving lines which makes me feel like I could risk losing the buyers. And 53 makes me feel like it will really slow down and I could suffer the consequences... Line 4 blatantly says "no game" and Line 5& 6 says pitfall. The lines make me feel like I'm a roller coaster. And I don't have time for roller coasters - but in the context of 53, doesn't sound that bad, right?! Better than BLOCKED!?TIMING is critical because I'm closing on the purchase of the new house on 3.21 and the buyers are supposed to close on 3.28. I don't understand 32>53 as much as the 64>12 reading but it feels more stable and less risk. I feel like I'd be pushing my luck if I try to get a second opinion. Right now, I'm really leaning towards the 64. It'd be great to hear how you interpret these. Thanks in advance for your expertise.

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    What should I do about the appraisal? 48 unchanging
    In financial matters, 48 means "your bank", or "your savings". How could this apply here?

    What would happen if I accept the appraisal and continue to closing on 3.28? Hex 64.2.5 > 12
    Delays, finally true light on, and in the end you would lose rather than gain.

    What if I get a 2nd appraisal? Hex > 53
    Yes you will lose the buyers. But this will turn out to your advantage. 53 says it's worthy to abide.

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    Thank you, Diamanda. Hex 48 unchanging referring to "your bank" or "your savings" makes so much more sense now! I am pretty comfortable financially and selling this place would mean a 6 figure profit for me. So the bank/well provides abundant nourishment for me and my son. My neighborhood seemed to skyrocket in the last 6 months so I'm grateful for making the right investment on this place (foreclosure) 9 years ago when the economy in the states tanked. Did not expect this kind of ROI at all. I'll only need 50% of the profits to go towards the down payment of the new house. The other portion I'd planned to pay off my credit cards, turn in my leased car for another (lease is up in April), pay for 1 year tuition in full for my son's preschool (which is super mega costly - more than college tuition for 1 year) and maybe take a trip to the south pacific. It will leave me debt free with bonus adventures. Even if I take a 10K hit. And still maintain a clear well able to nourish my fam.

    As for the timing though...I only wish I had more time to wait out Hex 32>53. I need the profits for the down payment within one month of closing. Not to mention, it is a PAIN IN THE AZZ to keep showing the house to prospective buyers with a 2 yo. I can't work full time AND keep everything clean. It was only on the market for a couple of days but I see the number of listings have increased in my area so there is more competition. I think Yeez gave me so many changing lines in this one because it will be exhausting and likely drawn out.

    I really liked your interpretation for Hex 48 uc. The well is in good condition overall. Even if I take a 10K hit, I don't think the well will notice. It's already filled with good nourishment. I'm ready to move into a new house and make new memories.

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    the well is always there and doesn't change I learned a totally new way to interpret 48UC. The Well is all good. *lightbulb*


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