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    So, I just broke up with this guy I love. Our situation made us broke up because he has to go back to his country and take care of his family (parents and siblings) as he the only person who is responsible for it.At the first time, we had a plan for me to stay with him in his country. Everything was perfect, we decided to have this LDR for a while whilst I finish my contract and deal with the visa situation in order to be able to live with him.Along the way, he said he can't be in relationship as he needs to give his attention and commitment fully to his family. He said he still loves me but it's not fair for me if he can't focus on me so he broke up with me.I found this site and I asked 2 questions:- Should I wait for him? - Will we get back together in the future ? Both gave me the same answer 36.1 to 15From brightness hidden to integrity. I don't quite understand here. Can someone give me more insight? I'm afraid I'm just interpreting the answer based of what I wanna hear. Thanks in advanced

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    Taking a guess here. But I would say this is implying don't act out of desire/despair otherwise that could result in a further upsetting. (I.e. the more desperate you may come off, then the more distant he may become) You should maintain a calm mindset and allow time/universe to set the circumstances and carry on.

    Speaking out of personal experience, when someone has mentioned this to me in the past they either really had to divert their attention to other priorities such as studies/family or they were just not that into me and could not commit. Either way, coming from a guy's perspective you should keep in touch with him but I would not have any expectations. It may not just be a break but he may not know exactly what he wants and is in the exploring stage.

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    Thank you so much for your feedback @jp78.We still talk to each other and he still wanna know about my life and my plans.He did say, never say never to any possibilities in the future but at this moment he can't be in a romantic relationship with anyone because of his inability to live more than for his family and his own self.

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