NYC's Mayor De Blasio has entered the atrium of Trump Building to announce the city's Green New Deal. However, he is surrounded by Trumpists and criticized by Eric Trump.

What is De Blasio up to? 46.2.3 Pushing Upward to 2 Earth.
Line 2 says, "True and confident, And so it is fruitful to make the summer offering. No mistake." Is the plan popular?
Line 3 says, "Pushing upward in the empty city." Will De Blasio succeed?

What will we expect with Trump-related hate crimes in NYC? Inner Truth to 24 Returning.
Line 2 says, "Calling crane in the shadows, Her young respond in harmony. I have a good wine vessel, I will share with you, pouring it all out." Will there be more violence?
Line 5 says, "There is truth and confidence as a bond – no mistake." Will people stand up to hate?
Line 6 says, "Cockcrow rises to heaven. Constancy, pitfall." Will hate crimes drop?

How will Trump respond to NYC's Green New Deal? 21 uc Biting Through. Will he criticize it?

Will other cities follow NYC's Green New Deal? 34.1 Great Vigour to 32 Lasting.
Line 1 says, "Vigour in the toes. Setting out to bring order: pitfall. There is truth and confidence." Is this a yes?