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    Text: https://www.no2do.com/synopse/en/i-c...e-firePicture: http://www.no2do.com/synopse/wp-cont...cklung.pngWhat does 'emerge' and 'develop' mean?:Li emerges from Dui, the LakeDui stands for giving and receiving, for opening our borders to let new in. But as soon as we open ourselves to the world’s fullness, we also risk being swept away by it. Li helps us to discern what is important and to concentrate on the essential.Li emerges from Kan, the WaterKan, the water, represents our primordial grounds, the stable and generations enduring aspects of our individual existence. Here is where our wisdom lies, our intuition, our essence. Li enables us to harmonize this essence with life’s realities: by wisely questioning gut decisions before eventually putting them into practice.What does Li develop into?li_entwicklungWithin a hexagram Li develops either into Sun or Kan (exception: the hexagram ends with Li / Li is the upper trigram.Li develops into Kan, the WaterKan develops when a (broken) yin line is added (dark arrow; yin symbolizes receptivity). Our ability to intellectually differentiate impressions, facts, feelings etc. (Li) gives us clarity and creates a sense of calm. A peaceful mind yet makes it easier for us to trustingly open ourselves to the messages from our spiritual grounds (Kan): gut feelings, presentiments, intuitions.Li develops into Sun, the Wind / TreeSun develops when a (solid) yang line is added (red arrow; yang symbolizes energy, activity). Once we have clarity (Li) about what exactly we want to achieve or where our destination lies, we can embark on our journey (Sun, the tree / wind) to reach our goalPeace

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    Mustafa, it really hard to read and understand one long block of text. If you're having problems with formatting - such as creating line or paragraph breaks - please read this sticky, 'Having trouble formatting or editing your posts?'.

    As to what you wrote, it seems you cut and pasted the text from this page -


    ... but I'm not sure why or what you're getting at with this? From their home page, the authors say, 'no2DO offer yet another, experimental model of interpretation,' ... which I think might benefit you, but if you're fairly new to interpreting the Yi, it could also be very confusing (I know it's confusing to me when I read it!). Again, my advice is ... stick to the basics to start with.

    Best, D.


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