I was on Reddit and seeing images of anti-extradition protestors.

What will the result of the extradition bill be? Deciding to 53 Gradual Progress.
Line 1 says, "Vigour in the leading foot. Going on without control means making mistakes." Will the result be favorable?
Line 2 says, "Alarmed, calling out. Evening and night, bearing arms Do not fear." Will the protests die down?
Line 4 says, "Thighs without flesh, Moving awkwardly now. Lead a sheep on a rope, regrets vanish. Hear words, not trusted." Will something goes wrong?
Line 6 says, "Not calling out. In the end, pitfall." Will it fail?

What will mainland China do to Hong Kong in the future? 41 uc Decreasing. Will mainland China loosen its grip on Hong Kong?