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Thread: 17 Following -- about being followed or about following or both?

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    Bradford Hatcher's reading of 17.4 is 'Following to achieve success. Persistence has pitfalls. Being truly on the path, using clarity, where is the error?'

    For me, what is important here is what approach or attitude we should take to our situation - regardless of who's following whom.

    And as to what the advice is, I think a lot depends on who is asking the question, and just as importantly what the question is. Without this, you're only able to look at the hexagram in the abstract ...

    You could have (all made up of course): how can I best get ahead in school? When is my cousin going to stop being mad at me? Or, does he/she/they love me, (and are they a he, a she or a they)? And the answer and advice in each case would fit the who, what, where, how, and why of the situation.

    I think the best answers come when we can be fluid with what the answer is, so I wonder, does asking whom is following whom limit our liquidity?

    Also, 'Following' is really just the name for this Gua, and some people don't give much weight to the names (some of course do). And you don't even find the word in four of the six line statements. You also have people calling it: Adjusting, or Becoming (a) New Form, or Following the Time (and/or) the Seasons.

    As to this latter name, I don't think the time or the seasons would ever follow our lead, we always follow theirs, or so it seems to me.

    Best, D.
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    17.4 - When we follow others - people, unworthy thoughts, conditioned behaviours - we are as a sheep. When we follow our own path more you will experience events or people that look to knock us off the new path. It will not be an easy path to walk. People will be attracted to the new and then look to unthrone you. (Maybe something like........... John, tell me what it's like having lost 10 lb in a month, you look faaaaaaantastic. Tell me about your diet, tell me about how you exercise, where did you get those new clothes......and then comes the sting let's go out for a slap up meal tonight to celebrate, I'm paying).

    Following a new regime can be difficult. Temptations to fall back to old ways will be legion. However, if we persevere in following there will be success of some nature. We perhaps feel better about ourselves and then if we follow that new feeling even though at times we may waver off track we will still find a new balance in our life. Then perhaps, as a byproduct of our commitment to the regime and the new feelings we have inside we smile more, we lighten up. The example we set to others from this new mind set is not always something we consciously do, we just are more smiley and lighter and this then becomes a beacon for them to follow in a way that befits them best.

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    for me this hexagram was always a pretty clear message (one of the few actually ) of following my own path, or rather stepping on the right path, even in the sense of some consciensciousness, where bradford's tracking, hunting and pursuit would fit perfectly.

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