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Thread: Blog post: Layer cake imagery (and Hexagram 53)

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    All chocolate and hazelnut and apple cake!

    We have a rice cake here which is pretty sticky.

    Sorry to jump in. I’m sure when my blood pressure is fine and the weather cooler I’ll be able to read all that you have written!

    In the meantime, I will follow all your debate with my chocolate layers..

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    Hi Olga
    Sorry to hear that you are suffering from the heat and Blood Pressure. That is possibly connected.

    Lots of sugar, lots of heat that needs dispelling, raised BP to get rid of the inner heat.

    There as been plenty of research that shows that slowing down ones breathing and reducing the volume breathed in minute has a dramatic affect on BP. As does simple synchronised breathing where one breaths in rythmn with one heart beat. Roughly corresponding to, eventually, as one should never push oneself to hard initially, to a breath in for 5/6 seconds and then a breath out for 5/6 seconds and so on. I do find that following an in breath with an out breath to be extremely useful.

    Also some types of intermittent fasting, not the longs ones that last for days, have been shown to have all sorts of benefits including regulating BP.

    Sorry it off topic but I think might be worthe sharing.

    All the best


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