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Thread: Confused with the answer (Hex. 21.1.2)

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    Default Confused with the answer (Hex. 21.1.2)

    I asked if one person is correct for me for a relationship and I received the Hexagram 21 with changing lines 1 and 2. I'm so confused with the answer. Please help!!

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    There seems to be a growing trend for one liners here lately..Here are some ideas about how to get the most from posting here taken from a sticky Hilary posted

    How to get the most from sharing a reading
    There are some lovely people here who'll help you understand your reading. Here's how you can make it easier for them to help you:

    1. some background and context for your reading - enough for people to understand what it's about.
    2. the question you asked, word for word.
    3. the answer Yi gave. (Our favourite format is like this: '27.2.5 to 61'.)
    4. your own feelings and thoughts about the answer.

    And ask for feedback!

    Then when you've read people's responses, please share your thoughts and update people on how it plays out. If you've browsed/searched the archives here you will know that these updates are what really make the forum a treasure - and besides, it's a kindness to the people who responded to you.

    Please don't miss out step 4! As Trojina said (emphasis added),

    Originally Posted by Trojina
    As you say what you think and feel it opens the gates to the reading as it were. The reading is addressed to your mind so if you share your sense of the reading, the reading is actually more open for everyone to get a feel for it. No experience is needed to do this. All you have to do is read the text and the lines and just write down what comes to mind in how it might relate to your situation.

    What possibly needs adding is please give us the relating hexagram. What does 21.1.2 change into ?

    Far fewer people respond when there is no relating hexagram given as it means more work for them since it's not so easy often to just do it in one's head.

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    First of all, sorry, but english is not my primary language, I will try to follow the rules, and please give your thoughts. Thank you!I am going through a divorce and in this process I met a woman who is also going through the same thing, there was immediate chemistry, however, we have very deep-rooted and very different beliefs, she is a person that I loved from the beginning and we get along very well but I want to know if I should keep getting involved with her or not, since we have distanced ourselves nowadays. Also, I do not want another disappointment, so I asked if she was the right person.According to my interpretation, I think that she could be the correct one but there are several pitfalls still in the middle, it can be our hangovers from the divorces, those different beliefs and also fears we both have of a new lack of love, but our story is not yet finished .


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