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Thread: Is the right person? (Hex. 21.1.2 to 64)

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    Default Is the right person? (Hex. 21.1.2 to 64)

    First of all, sorry, but english is not my primary language, I will try to follow the rules, and please give your thoughts. I am going through a divorce and in this process I met a woman who is also going through the same thing, there was immediate chemistry, however, we have very deep-rooted and very different beliefs, she is a person that I loved from the beginning and we get along very well but I want to know if I should keep getting involved with her or not, since we have distanced ourselves nowadays. Also, I do not want another disappointment, so I asked if she was the right person.According to my interpretation, I think that she could be the correct one but there are several pitfalls still in the middle, it can be our hangovers from the divorces, those different beliefs and also fears we both have of a new lack of love, but our story is not yet finished .Thank you!!

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    Wilhelm-Bayes translations:
    .1: "His feet are fastened in the stocks so that his toes disappear. No blame.
    .2: "Bites through tender meat, so that his nose disappears. No blame.

    It's a time when you cannot and should not move (.1). You are biting into tender meat (.2) -- which is the attractiveness of this other person, but have lost your "nose" -- your ability to sense what this is going to be like. Everything is up in the air and chaotic (64).

    I think the advice is -- she may or may not be wrong, but your actions right now are confused and so is the situation.


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