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Thread: Seeking input on Hex 28 changing to 56

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    Hi everyone.

    Getting ready to leave for California this coming Sunday and asked the following question:"What may I expect on my trip West?"

    Received H28 changing lines 2,5 and 6, changing to H56.

    I always have difficulty relating to H28 and was wondering if anyone could perhaps lend a little insight to this reading.

    Any input would be welcomed.


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    candid Guest



    Could it be that this reading pertains more toward the emotional weight and burden of changes than to the end result? In such a situation as yours, I think I?d be inclined to apply it this way. The extremity of pressure causes the water to rise above ones head, a flood of emotion and uncertainty ? this sounds imminent (change at top).

    I doubt 56 needs any elaboration from me.

    Hope this helps ya bro. Hang in!

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    Hi Candid,

    Thanks for the input, I certainly need it. My major concern here is with CL6, this sounds fairly inauspicious to moi. If it does indeed concern the trip, I am definitely conflicted.

    Yeah, and you are right on about 56, story of my life, all my translations have the pages falling out on 56!

    Right now I need one of Lindsay's meticulous definitions of the CL's, too bad he is on the road headed west also.

    I guess I'll just have to make like LiSe and hang on to the image of flowers blooming.

    Thanks again, Bro.


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    Hi Leonard, is your trip to California to renew any aspect of your life ? Cos line 2 seems auspicious for this - new growth from old tree etc. Though line 5 says the opposite. I've had these 2 lines together before and find it really frustrating as they contradict and I don't know what to think. As for water going over your head I guess its caautioning you to not take on too much emotionally perhaps - make sure you got a bit of time and space to deal with whats coming up. I am in middle of move aswell right now - alot of us here seem to be relocating. I would also like some insight into how line 2 and 5 here add up - so to speak. Louise

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    Hi Leonard,

    Only a brief idea: Try the transitional Hexagram theory. Read the following:

    ? Hexagram 28
    ? Hexagram 28, line 2
    ? Hexagram 31, line 5
    ? Hexagram 62, line 6
    ? Hexagram 56

    I haven´t done myself for your reading, but I think it could be clarifying. Give it a try.

    California?? looking for fame and glory Leonard?.

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    Hi Louise, Candid and Angel,

    Yes, a renewal is definitely in progress. I was living in Calif. when I got my last job, which required me to move to Pennsylvania on the east coast. Now I am taking another job with a company in Cleveland, Ohio. The job involves me using my computer and phone just like the last job, with the exception that the new job allows me to live anywhere I can have cellphone service and a DSL connection. So, naturally I chose to go back to where most of my longtime friends reside.

    Louise, I have to agree that lines 2 and 4 are contrary, but it was line 6 that gave me hesitation due to the question and it's innate severity in the Wilhelm trans. Candid has pretty much assuaged my fears concerning line 6 though, and I am proceeding with a positive attitude.

    Thanks again, Candid, your last email was the 'one'.

    Angel, I have never done a transitional reading before, in fact, the thought never arose until you mentioned it. Sounds like a good idea and I will give it some study today. Should I have any questions I will get back to you as the day progresses. Right now, I smell the coffee, so I'm off to the kitchen.

    Thanks once more to Candid, Louise and Angel for all the help( a special thanks to Candid 'cos I had him working overtime by private email, Thanks, Bro).


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    hi all,

    It sounds as though I'm a bit late to offer help for Leonard, but I might as well float in an idea or two. I think that when you see both lines 2 and 5 in hexagram 28 they're alternatives - simple as that. Here is the opportunity for new growth, the supporting structure might turn out to have far more energy within it than you dreamt possible. Now, will it be long-term growth, or simple pleasure for a while? Obviously both are possible, so I think you have the choice. (And beautiful, simple correlations like this within hexagrams are the main reason why I've never really got into transitional readings, even though the theory is really interesting.)

    Line 6 is a right puzzler - how can you be a) underwater and apparently drowning and b) not at fault? I have a feeling that there might not be a clear answer on this. Sometimes it is worth plunging in, letting your powers of discrimination just be flooded and drowned out: you Couple with the new and let the outcome be what it will. Sometimes it isn't. It's like with 44 itself - here is this new force that could turn your life upside down and inside out. No, you can't just fit it into the normal structure of things. So what do you choose to do with it? How much change do you want, and how much sacrifice is worth it?

    Candid, if the private-email-only bits could be removed from your understanding of this line, I would really like to see it here!

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    Dear Hilary,

    I absolutely love your ideas on cl's 2 and 5. Simply exquisite. Also very apt in view of happenings several hours after I threw the original cast.

    My puzzlement with 6 was alleviated by several things Candid reminded me of by private email. I think the most important thing he passed on to me was the realization's, 1)Perhaps I was focusing on the tree so intently, I was totally missing the forest, and,2)my recent emotional state had had great impact on this cast, I had been depressed for over a week at losing my job and I was susceptible to feelings of overwhelming helplessness, not unlike someone in the process of drowning.

    The good news is that last nite I was offered another job in the same business by a former competitor and he is perfectly willing to allow me to work in Calif., even though the company is located in Cleveland. So, I get to return to my beloved adopted state, surrounded by my very dear friends and do the exact same job I was doing here. A perfectly marvelous solution to my dilemma. Candid also had been helping me with my depressive state following the job loss by reminding me of the process of letting go and having faith that Mother Yin would provide, which she has.

    It truly feels as if spring has arrived with its bees bumbling, flowers blooming, twigs asprouting and icy brooks abubbling. I feel great!


    ps: to all of you!

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    candid Guest


    Leonard, I thought it quite funny that I received 28, lines 5 & 6 this morning. I carefully watched my subjective self go through the day to catch the "under water" phenominon. It could have been pretty overwhelming, but remaining at least somewhat objective allowed me to at least keep my nose poked above water. And whaddia know, new shoots sprouted from old roots. That is, I was able to continue a growth pattern based on things I've already learned.

    Hilary, one of the things I'd mentioned to Leonard was that Wilhelm can sometimes be hyper-dramatic in its imagery, and that rarely do these lines represent the kind of catastrophe depicted other than in toned down figurative speech. Much like saying, I'm dead on my feet, or, I feel like hell. That's another reason I so love to cross reference with LiSe's translation. She puts these things into perspective. Finally, there's the pure, simple fact that when things reach their climax (such as line 6) it turns into its opposite, as everything is transitory in nature.

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    Candid, was that your Hex for the day, or did it concern something else?


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