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Thread: Relationships, Divination & Anxiety

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    In the past I have definitely been in that space of asking anxious relationship questions of the I Ching. For me I got to the point of not asking for advice but asking the Yi to fix it all up for me. Sounds crazy doesn't it. This of course is passing the boundaries of assistance that can be given. (and the boundaries of sanity).
    I wont comment on your readings maybe someone else will do that in a more expert way. All I can say is that the Yi has never lied to me, although I have lied to myself many times.
    I know also that on all occasions the answers that I have received have been spot on, although it has been difficult to really accept and intepret them at the time of anxiety, I just wanted the answer I wanted.
    My favourite 'relationship' line in the Yi, is about not chasing those things that are really yours. If their yours they always come back (better than before).I have trusted that concept and its never let me down. Rest assured that in time if this guy is yours he will return and that progress is occuring in a way that may not be obvious right now. If he is not yours, then progress is moving you closer to another who has yet to appear on the horizon.
    Best now to remove that 'anxious' vibration around the 'subject', both of you will feel the difference immediately.

    Good Luck (I know how you feel)

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    I was in a similar situation about 10 years ago. And yes, I asked the I Ching how she felt about us, what she wanted, etcetera, and of course got a lot of confusing answers back.
    Not very wise, in hindsight, but what can a broken heart do?

    On the whole, the answers seemed to be positive. Yet nothing came of it.
    Apart from a few short chance meetings (we exchanged polite words and I felt nothing but estrangement) we didn't see each other again.

    I think that - on an inner level - relationships never end. An inner connection remains.
    Somewhere deep down we stay in contact with our former friends and lovers.
    And the I Ching mainly reflects that inner level.
    This implies that a seemingly positive answer about the future of a relationship doesn't necessarily mean that anything will happen on the outer levels.
    The relationship may stay "underground".

    I don't know what can happen in your case.
    The hexagrams that you got seem to suggest that some kind of initiative from your side might be welcome.
    You could write him a letter, for example, in which you propose to meet and talk about what happened. You got 61 twice, which perhaps indicates that he will appreciate your sincerity and respond to it.

    Hope this helps,

    Good luck,


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    Anon, I'm looking at 53 to 42. Lines 1 and 3 changing right?

    Since I've had that about my absent lover too, I can say that it refers to a lonely young man working hard to set himself up in life.

    However, line 3 is ominous. He does not return.

    And yet I'm befuddled by 42 which is a very auspicious hex. Favourable to advance, Cross a great river. Maybe the nuclear hex of 42 throws some light on the situation -- 23. Stripping away the unnecessary till only the essentials remain.
    Maybe this means he will finally get back with you.

    Your 35 as a future hex is very promising.

    Wait for advancement to be given to you. Let him take the initiative. And it will come. That's what I get.

    Best for your Quest


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    Hi Anonymous

    Just in terms of the first reading. Line 3 refers to going against the law of natural development. He might feel that he is being pushed too fast too forward. That fits with hexagram 34 too. The key here is I think to just let this flow naturally, without artificially trying to make it work. And for you as well as Anita, hexagram 42 relates in a way to the marriage of heaven and earth, so both hexagrams are speaking of marriage or at least relationship. This is just describing the situation. In both hexagrams line five is yang and line two is yin, making a marriage very possible, as long as the laws of natural development are followed, don't try to force. Sixty one is just saying the relationship will last by an inner affinity, nothing need to be done, except what goes on in the inner world, not the outer, not by trying to force results. Hope this helps.



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