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Thread: To tell or not to tell?

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    Default To tell or not to tell?

    Would anyone like to give me an opinion about questions I recently asked Yi?

    A close friend asked me a sensitive personal question. I felt unable to tell the truth - but I feel bad having answered with a lie.

    I asked Yi: What would the consequences be if I disclosed the truth to X?
    31, moving at 5 relating 62

    I then asked: What would the consequences be if I keep the secret?
    59 unchanging

    Moral... telling the truth stops you feeling guilty...?


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    Hi Zelda,
    I think 31.5 is telling that telling the truth would lead to a solid influence, that won't be regretted.
    59.0 is telling that the matter will be forgotten about if you keep it secret.

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    Hi zelda,

    hex 31.5 seems to suggest that you are feeling guilty now but this is no cause to feel remorse or regret.
    hex 62 suggests that you should be very careful, keep a very low profile when dealing with your friend, this is not the time to take the lead, ie do not reveal the secret. Keep quiet and attend to your everyday activities.

    hex 59 suggests dispersion, here I would think that it means clearing away an obstacle, this is your guilty feeling, the lie that you told. Eliminate the guilty feeling and all will be well. Your mind is working overtime, this will lead to problems so forget, blow the problem out of your mind. Keep the secret.

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    Hi Zelda,

    I think you asked good, clear questions here and you have equally clear answers. (Willowfox seems to be saying that both readings are just telling you what to do now, not really answering your questions; I don't agree.)

    With Hexagram 31 you are opening yourself to another person, allowing a better relationship. Of course, that openness also makes you more vulnerable. But with 62 you are doing this cautiously and in small ways - with your feet firmly on the ground! - and in 31.5 you are doing it from a position of strength, not just rushing in thoughtlessly.

    31.5 talks about influence in the neck and shoulders. Try actually feeling your energy there; see how it changes your posture and how you feel about talking to X.

    59 unchanging, if you keep the secret - Ewald may well be right, that all would be forgotten. Another possibility is that the need for secrecy, and the secret, would dissolve away by themselves.

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    Thank you all for commenting on my post. I took your advice Hilary on feeling the energy in the neck and shoulders. I meditated on the problem. My conclusion is that it is best for me to keep the secret instead of potentially damaging my friendship.

    Best wishes


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