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Thread: Help with my car

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    My car won't start. I consulted the Yi, and drew 35.4. What does this mean?
    Blessings on your harey lotus feet

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    might mean that you have to feed the hamster in the engine. . .
    dont know, good luck

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    That you have to push, and indeed get the rat out :-D?

    23.4 talks about getting something off of the surface which brings the misfortune. Is there some part of the cilinders broken of, or something cut of from it's original spot?

    Li (Fire) changes into Mountain... is it the battery? Did you had the lights on all night (which sucks the 'energy' out of the engine)? Is there something disconnected? (I do not know the english words for parts in the engine, *sigh*...)

    Hang in there.


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    bruce Guest


    It means get a new car. This one's infested with mice.

    Ok, your workin this gua for a reason. hmmm

    Only thing that comes to mind is that there's too many moving parts, or, something additional was added to the engine or electronics, or possibly even a fuel additive, which hinders the forward progress.

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    <blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

    Ok, your workin this gua for a reason. hmmm<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>

    And that&#39;s my question... the reason? the point?

    Maybe he&#39;s trying to use all the interpretations as windows into the interpreters.

    But then again... maybe not.

    Maybe he&#39;s trying to see how many people notice he&#39;s working the same gua. Nah... that&#39;s too simplistic. &#42;shrugs shoulders&#42;



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    Oh dear it seems so obvious to me what he&#39;s doing, just simply ridiculing and having a laugh.
    Ridiculing the questions asked here, thats all. Its quite funny I had a bit of a laugh but feel sorry if anyone actually answers seriously, cos then they&#39;re making more of a fool of themselves.

    Ridiculing the idea of asking Yi Jing

    a&#41;questions that can be solved in the ordinary practical way

    b&#41;questions so vast in scope any answer would have to be meaningless since no answer could sum it up.

    But the Yi has to give an answer so it does.

    Seems to me Dobros point is like instead of spending 3 months thinking about what the Yi Jing has said what is wrong with your car - just take it to a garage ?

    I could be wrong and Dobro will correct me if so I&#39;m sure and tell us what hes &#39;really&#39; doing.

    I don&#39;t altogether agree with his point behind his ridicule though because

    a&#41;even with basic practical things the Yi can steer one in the best direction to deal with them. Infact it is with these matters I have found Yi very helpful

    b&#41;well thats it I think...

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    Hi Void

    Not sure if i would use &#39;ridicule&#39;... perhaps a demonstration on which we can reflect?

    When I get time I will answer a couple... I suspect that some of the respondents are already in the spirit of the matter...

    But I take your points.


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    Correction to the above. I meant not that people made fools of themselves as such, more playing into Dobros hands. I feel sorry if someone answers sincerely, especially if English is not their first language, and so wastes their time when he is just venting.

    If I am right and Dobro is venting a certain amount of almost passive aggression directed at the kind of questions asked here, or more like the manner they are asked, as if this were a
    fortune telling forum, maybe its an open space issue, ie like &#39;The questions I most hate other people to ask&#39;.

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    Void said:

    <blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

    ...almost passive
    aggression directed at the kind of questions asked here<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>


    And there you have it!

    Whenever if I detect passive aggressive behavior whether I&#39;m the witness or the target, I always think 35.4.



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    I guess you need to know the meaning of life in order to get started.

    'There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.'
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