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Thread: Memorizing the I Ching Hexagram 20. Kaun / contemplation (View)

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    20.5>23 'The Tower Is Splitting Apart'

    Recently I received 'The Tower' repeatedly in my tarot card readings, which I started to find unsettling.
    (Those of you unfamiliar with tarot may have a look at the attached picture.)

    I worried if something bad was going to happen soon, because 'The Tower' can predict a violent event, a sudden and/or painful end of something.

    So I asked the Yi to help me understanding the specific meaning of this tarot card in my situation right now and it gave me the result 20.5>23, 'the tower is splitting apart'.
    As you know, hex 20 doesn't only mean 'seeing' or 'contemplation' but also 'tower'.

    I interpreted it in a way that I was caught in a little room with no space to move and no windows in this tower, without the possibility to look over the wide landscapes and therefore to see what is happening outside and how I can connect to it. I was confronted only with myself.

    The question 'who am I' seems to be unsatisfying in general if I try to observe myself in a manner that doesn't include the 'world outside' as well. There is no real answer and it is likely to be caught up in self-referentiality, maybe self doubts and isolation, like in a dark and heavily bricked tower -- which is falling apart now fortunately.
    I can only escape from this collapsing building, if I am ready to connect to what I regard the 'outer world' again.

    So 20.5 to me means, at least in this context, an ego shattering, which is a painful but inevitable process, in order to see clear and to be profoundly open minded, for the sake of everybody involved.
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