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Thread: 33.2/5 to 50

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    Question 33.2/5 to 50

    Hi, I asked the Yi about a partnership that I am going into and was given 33.2 and 33.5 chaning to 50.

    33 - Retreat,
    Success in what is small, perseverance furthers.

    The Yi, doesn't seem to tell me to forget about going ahead with the partnership but seem to be telling me that if I stick on to taking up small projects, things would go well.

    33.2 - He holds him fast with yellow oxhide
    No one can tear him lose

    This seem to be saying that I should be holding fast to the partnership?

    33.5 - Friendly retreat. Perseverance brings good fortune

    I'm lost here, does retreat means I should give up the idea of this partnership? or is there anything else that I should be looking into?

    Please advise, I understand that different person will look at the given hexagrams differently, but all input is appreciated as it provides me with a new way of looking at things.


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    If I asked the Yi about a partnership I was considering and drew 33.2.5>50, I'd be thinking that the Yi was saying something like: "Withdrawing is the transformation you need right now."

    The individual lines talk about two different directions, one being tied fast, the other withdrawing. This suggests that withdrawing from this involves an inner conflict in you. Not simple and easy, in other words. But 33>50 is definitely not saying 'this is a good time to engage in a new partnership'. Quite the opposite, I think.

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    Hex 33.2 It would seem that your friend or whoever is very keen on forming a partnership, very sticky, confining but it suggests that you are the one who would like to withdraw and thus advices you to go and talk to a third party to help you out.

    Hex 33.5 this suggests that you have a talk with this person and tell them that you will be unable to form a partnership but do it in a nice way so that you don't upset their feelings. Be firm with yourself, no partnership.

    Hex 50 says for you to change your mind here and not to worry because there are new opportunities all around you, put aside any ideas of wealth for the time being but try to be of more service to others.

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    Is it possible that you have other relationships, obligations, that you must withdraw from first in order to develope this new friendship?

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    dobro, willowfox and rosada.


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