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Thread: What Will Be The Bill?

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    Default What Will Be The Bill?

    Hi again.
    I told him the truth (see new and comfused part 2)
    still no news from him Maybe it is so soon.

    New question " how will affect the relationiship the action I took (telling him who amI)
    I get 37.6 > 63
    The perseverance of the woman furthers. Does it means that i did the right thing?
    is line 6 means that now it depends of him which will be the future situation ? that means i should wait and don; make any action? Be perceptive as hex 2 told me ?
    "If he cultivates his personality so that it works
    impressively through the force of inner truth, all goes well with the family.
    In a ruling position one must of his own accord assume responsibility

    and what about 63
    "The transition from
    confusion to order is completed
    The true was revealed . now what

    any ideas ????

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    I think 37.6 is saying that he will return, seeking the familiar to his wife and family (figuratively as he never physically left them) because this game with you will surprise and unsettle him. He will look for the peace and familiarity of home.
    At home (his home) everything is:
    The subtle influence here is the concept of everything being in the 'exactly correct' place and thus a degree of tension release
    so that is where he will seek release of this tension that finding out you have been misleadingly communicating with him caused him to feel.

    63 is saying "It's over. It's done"

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    Yes, hes gone home to be the fine upstanding husband that his family expect of him and you ended your game. The transition from living in a dream to living in reality is now completed, you knew very well that your game could not go on forever, that it had to stop, so now is the time to be smart and keep moving, think about the future and all that is waiting for you there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldfisho8 View Post
    Does it means that i did the right thing?
    Goldfish - whichever way you look at it - yes, you did the right thing. Now you have to be good to yourself, respect yourself and move on with your life.

    It's a toughie, but you can do it. Time to let go.

    take care,


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    The line 37.6>63 is:

    He (or she, in this case) inspires trust and commands respect.
    In the end, good fortune comes.

    It leads to 63, the action has been completed.

    Balkin interprets it this way: "Examine yourself and hold fast to your ideals. If you are true to yourself, you will influence others in exactly the right way."

    It's a very positive line, and you probably received it more in support of what you did than a prediction of what action he will take. I think the outcome remains to be seen. In my experience men are reeeaaallly slow at responding to big stuff. If I was in your shoes, I'd prepare myself for the worst, but I wouldn't throw myself into the misery of rejection just yet.



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    I/d like you to know that I was suprised by your involvent and your help. Is the 16.4 that i get in my previous answer ? probably yes.
    I am a little be ashame because i look a litle bit pathetic and weak to go on my life without him but hey I am only a human !!!

    yours answers, as i perceive them are always different from the others and all you say is exactly how I feel. "what if there is something i dont see know, what if there is something that it is not yet the time to come out to the light. ??)

    I have an issue on what is the situation (any situation). What i see is real or i am missing details that totally change the image...

    we will be in touch... hopefully with more pleaseant issues

    thanks, nice to talk to you


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