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Thread: 50.2 - The Yi was telling the truth, when it said, "transformation is happening"

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    Default 50.2 - The Yi was telling the truth, when it said, "transformation is happening"

    So, I have been fired. Officially put on my three months notice. The reason is that my boss and I clash. He clashed with the last woman on the team as well. The entire team is men (me being the only female) but they are wonderful guys, we are like peas in a pod. The team manager however is this young guy, 5 years my junior and a micromanager because he doesn't know how to truly manage.

    He does things like listen to conversations between colleagues and then sends mails that say, "you should not be talking to each other you are in different departments". Well I could list all kinds of things but why bother.

    This is Europe. In the country I am in, you can not be fired just because you don't "fit" with the boss.

    I am actually not upset about this at all. I want to persue other things. However, even though I have a three months notice, the company I work for tries all kinds of legal manipulations. Like hiring interns instead of full time employees to avoid reaching the limit of employees that would require them to have a union representative for employee rights.

    I sent an email to my boss and his boss outlining the reasons he gave me, a very, very polite, positive mail expressing gratitude. I listed the "faults" in the mail "cultural/communication problem with the boss" (and only the boss, I have an excellent and friendly reputation at this company and everyone is splendid and kind to me).

    An attorny has informed me that what they are doing is "completely illegal in this Country" (a EU Country). But told me just to sit back and see how they handle it. So far they are ignoring my request for clarification. I was warned by someone in Human Resources here to "watch my back as this has happened to the other women who they wanted to get rid of".

    To explain, I am one person on a team of 5. I was the last person to come (10 months ago) and I sell high level deals (with revenues in the millions) that have very long sales cycles. So far I have closed nothing.

    That seems like a reason to fire someone until you consider the following.

    The first person to come on the team (2 YEARS) ago has also sold NOTHING - a man
    the person before me, started 6 months prior to my start and has also not closed a deal - again, a man.

    My boss told my colleague that he thinks I would make a better sales manager, a people motivator...only, that is HIS job.

    Firing someone in the summer here is especially cruel as in July and August this country basically shuts down, it is very difficult to find a job. This is nothing like the US.

    My sister and I are meditating now on a daily basis, sending our intention out to the Universe that I should get enough severence pay to give me a boost plus another job right away.

    So I split from the man and from this job.

    I asked the Yi,

    What strategy or agenda do X and X have about getting rid of me?

    I got

    Hex 50.2 leading to 56

    Funny that it leads to 56 as I am indeed an expatriate and have been for 7 years. And considering that I am open to moving again (to a different country) for my career.

    But I really don't know how to ensure that I come out OK in this situation.

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    "What strategy or agenda do X and X have about getting rid of me?

    I got

    Hex 50.2 leading to 56"

    It would appear from your answer that they are probably jealous and angry with you(Hex 50.2), some kind of vendetta against you, so they have decided to make you redundant(Hex 56).

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    Thank you Willow. This situation is extremely important to my livlyhood (sp?) and taking care of my child.

    Here are my interpretations of the following hexagrams (the YI never ceases to amaze me)

    [I have two attornys (friends of friends) waiting for my call (as my dismissal really is on illegal grounds).

    I asked, "How can seeing an attorny help me?"

    Answer: Hex 40.2.3 Deliverance. Chris's interpretation speaks of this meaning to solve problems, analyse and explain (see his website)

    The IC says of Hex 40:

    If there is no longer anything where one has to go, return brings good fortune.
    If there is still something where one has to go, hastening brings good fortune.
    Thus the superior man pardons mistakes and forgives misdeeds.

    Line 2: One kills 3 foxes in the field and receives a yellow arrow.

    Line 3. If a man carries a burden on his back and nonetheless rides in a carriage, he thereby encourages thieves to draw near.

    I take this as a strange answer. It is saying on one hand that the attorny can help me, but somehow there is a warning. But I can't understand it completely. Any ideas?

    I went ahead and asked again:

    What can I do to get more severence pay?
    and got: Hex 59.2.4 This speaks of getting rid of illusions.
    Line 2 says (and this is Chris's commentary) Line 2 -
    "Disperion: quickly leaving one's table. Any remorse disappears. " [Advancing, 'eat and run?']
    Line 4 says Line 4 -
    "It is favourable to disperse one's flock. Through dispersal one is alone in one's temple. This is not hiding, one just creates a place and moment for pondering." [Waiting-Nourishment]
    Line 2 makes sense..but line 4, what is that about?


    What can I do to get another job?
    Answer: 32, Endurance/Commitment unchanging
    Chris's site says of this: "continue in the same way and spirit; constant perpetual, regular; self-renewing; extend everywhere; the moon almost full"

    yeah! ok??? continue in what way? All I am doing now is meditating, working on stating my intention and just started putting the word out.

    But still...nothing makes a person feel lost like losing a job.
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    Ah and thank the Yi for taking care of me..and you and you and you too!

    If I focus on my intention (getting another job with more pay immediately) every day, through meditation, what will happen?

    Answer from the Yi:

    14.1 Possession of Great Nature - supreme success
    The image of possession in great measure
    Thus the superior man curbs evil and furthers good
    and thereby obeys the benevolent will of heaven

    changing line 1: No relationship with what is harmful, no blame in this. One remains conscious of difficulty one remains without blame.
    It says: very; orient the will toward a self-imposed goal, impose direction; ability to lead or guide your life...

    Wow, I could cry. I wish I had known the Yi earlier in my life. How is it always so accurate about everything? What does this mean? It makes me start to question the nature of everything.

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    I know I am going on and on today. But the Yi is really answering me. It's like it is just so greatful that I am not talking about Mr. X anymore that it is really talking to me LOL

    I asked, What Kind of Work will make me the most financially prosperous and personally fulfilled?

    Answer: Hexagram 36.4 -Darkening of the light leading to Hex 55 Abundance.."be not sad, be like the sun at midday"
    It took me to the bottom lines and then I feel like falling off my chair as it says:

    [I]"The superior man decides Lawsuits and carries out Punishments"[/I]

    But what does line 4 mean? "He penetrates the left side of the belly"? It further says, "one gets at the very heart of darkening of the light and leaves the courtyard"

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    "What Should I do to get six months severance pay?

    Answer: 42.5.6 "

    I think what it is saying that even though you may be a very good person, it is not your place to ask for the extra money because if the boss thinks you are good then he will reward you, but obviously he does not, as the next line says that they(the boss) think you are not a good worker. Therefore they will make sure that you will not get the extra pay.

    Hex 24 suggests that your luck will change after you leave this job.

    Hex 48 represents the maximum money you can get. You know that you are legally entitled to 3 months pay, so the well which is a fixed object says that is what you will get, it will not be changed.

    Hex 32 is telling you that to get another job you will have to hit the road and persevere.

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    Hi Willowfox,

    In this case, either you (your interpretation) or the IC are wrong. In the past 24 hours it has come to light that my company has broken 3 laws. The first is that they have hired me "black" and have been faking my pay slips and kicking the taxes back to them. This is why they could "afford" to pay me more than the other team members. The were not actually, truly being generous at all.

    The second is that they have broken the procedural law for terminating someone. But, have faked a document that they want me to sign saying that they DID follow with procedure.

    Stupidly the HR manager gave me copies of these letters, back dated. I did not sign them but I faxed them to my attorny immediately.

    The third law they have now broken is contractually.

    I am also entitled according to this countries law, to extra compensation due to a clause in my contract that says that I may not work for competitors for 12 months after leaving this company. Again, I am not in the US, I am in a European country with some of the strongest employee protection laws in the world.

    Additionally, now, the company is trying to not even pay me my three months. This they may not do by law.

    If the government finds out that they have been paying me black, for the past year, they can be fined an enormous sum, way,way more than my yearly salary.

    Everything has been documented, and I have created a paper trail.

    I most certainly am legally entitled to more than 3 months severence pay.

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    but obviously he does not, as the next line says that they(the boss) think you are not a good worker
    This is also incorrect. As I received the highest marks on our employee review and my boss said to me and a colleague, "She/You are the best at sales and she/you would make a better Sales Manager".

    My work is not the issue. It is a personal agenda.

    Again, the other 4 men on our team have sold NOTHING. They are not being fired for lack of performance and have all been here Longer than I.

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    To the same question, "How will I get more than three months severence pay"

    it answered: Hexagram 18.2.5 leading to 53
    Line 2
    "Through weakness an imbalance has occurred. It is fixed quietly."

    That is what they are going to try to fix as they realize that if we go to court, the government will find out they have not registered me with the tax authorities and this would lead to massive fines. According to this countries laws, it is not for the employee to get work visas but up to the company to handle. If they give a work contract (which they did)

    Line 5
    "The errors of the past are repaired. Reputations enhanced. Responsibilities taken."

    Interesting. Those are Chris's renderings by the way: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~ddiamond/h18.html

    * Six in the fifth place means:
    Setting right what has been spoiled by the father.
    One meets with praise.

    An individual is confornted with corruption originating from neglect in former times.
    He lacks the power to ward it off alone, but with able helpers he can at least bring about a through reform, if he cannot create a new beginning, and this is praiseworthy.
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    about line 6 from hex 42
    "Absolutely no benefit. Maybe even physical abuse. [Even] ordering one's morality [lacks] perseverance thus exposing one to danger." [Trying for relief. Attempts to improve the situation do not work and even expose one to attack. Attempts to reorder one's self are shown to lack perseverance. No matter how hard one tries relief does not come.]
    I am wondering what this could be, at first I, like Willow thought it meant that it is no use to try to get more than 3 months. But now, since today I am wondering because: I continued to to my work yesterday, even gathering great information about a start-up company that we could do business with. It was good inside information. So I sent it to my boss and CEO, saying, "here is some good info, what should do with it. Although you have fired me, I can still be an asset as I am still going to be working for the next three months so let me know how you want me to handle things"

    Then this morning, my boss called me in and said, "we would like you to leave before the three months but we don't want to pay you" (big legal NO NO). It's no good for us to have you here gathering information"

    I was trying to help! To do my job still...but all that happened was that I came under attack.
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