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    Hi Everyone .. Just discovered this site - love it! I have worked with and been guided by the IChing for 3 years and love the continued discovery into self & comic awareness!

    My question is: I just recently started a new job, straight commission (sales) and feel some resistance around it (getting on the phone to prospect for appts), but also feel excitement about the possibilities, service we provide for people, income potential, etc. My question was: GUIDANCE ON MY ACTION STEPS TO TAKE FOR MY GREATEST GROWTH & ABUNDANCE WITH THIS COMPANY.

    I got 63 - After the End (no changing lines)
    hmmm .. so I felt like ok, got some guidance out of that. There is a decline about to take place after a time of balance. Pay attention to the small efforts (like just getting on the damn phone and making the calls - lol). But one of the books I looked at talked about this isn't a simple decline as in 41 (which I got the other day regarding asking about some back pain I was having. 19 changing into 41) but a decline of a long-term tendency.

    So I asked if I needed to do another hexagram for further clarity - got a yes. So, this is what I got ... And I could really use some insight & guidance from all the Sages out here in onlineclarity

    The further guidance hexagram was: 16 (enthusiasm) changing into 47.
    whoa .. 47 can be a tough one.

    Any advice?? or insight.

    namaste to all -

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    Welcome Elizabeth,

    I think your question belongs over in the Friends area, but Hilary will move it if that's the case.
    63 says to me that you need to know this new business from start to finish, which actually is kind of encouraging as this suggests whatever phase you are focusing on now you are not wasting your time as eventually you will want to understand it all.

    Much success,


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