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    Has anyone had experience with 55 to 2? I went looking and found this question that no one answered (uh oh): http://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/I_Chi...tml?1094055473. Otherwise I don't see much else on the forum that would help. My question was about taking an action I'm considering rather than asking if something will happen. I believe I'm discerning the seeds and am wondering if this is the appropriate action in that case.



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    jesed Guest


    Hi Val

    Some ideas, just in case them coud be useful

    When inner clarity of vision and outer energycal action combines, success. Taking that action would be ok if you had achieve an objective comprehension of the situation; and then you act firmly.

    But line 3 points you cann't act right now; and line 5 points that you need some wise external advice. Finding a good advicer is not an error (line 1)

    If you understand the lines advices, then you can move to a receptive manner and allow to be guided.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Jesed...

    Thank you so much. Your comments have turned out to be very useful. Besides the fact they make perfect sense and are what I want to hear right now (I don't want to do anything about this until after the 1st of the year), they brought to mind something Freeman said to me in another thread about 55 to 37.

    <blockquote>&#34;Is it possible that you&#39;re prosecuting some other &#34;regime change&#34; as well as thinking of your health, and you are being admonished to continue tending that fire as well? -- not let this cause a bobble?&#34;</blockquote>It all ties together and is consistent with previous messages from the universe &#40;not just the Yi&#41;. I&#39;ll give you more details as to what my question was about later.



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    101100&#40;changing lines&#41;


    Under AND/XOR dynamics, if you find helpful:

    In the longer term, this is a time of 59, dispersing - setting things right. The situation is exposed to various creative forces which at times may cause some tensions.

    An ad hoc reaction to this situation is 55-2, about the same as what Jesed pointed out.

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    Hi Yly2pg1...

    Thanks so much for your thoughts on this &#40;hoping you don&#39;t notice I&#39;m looking at the &#39;math&#39; cross-eyed... &#42;grin&#42;&#41;.

    Have you had any experience with this combination of hexagrams? I love to hear stories of how these things pan out for people.

    Actually I got 2-55 this weekend when asking about a person. Curious... no? Coincidence?




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