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Thread: 58 Unchanging re new job

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    Default 58 Unchanging re new job

    A while ago a job came up which I had been waiting for for several years. It was in the same field of work and - although a sideways move as far as progressing my career - it was in a place where I felt truly at home through shared ethos and knowing several people who already worked there. It was also closer to home and had other practical advantages over my current position.

    At the same time I was really trying to get to grips with Yi and, using the sixteen token method, arrived at what appeared to be a fortunate hexagram 58 unchanging. But although I got an interview I did not get the job. I was devastated by this and could not understand how to reinterpret 58 which would have given an indication that that would have been the outcome.

    The same job recently came up again and I decided to reapply - this time I did not even get an interview.

    So I would like to have some help in understanding how 58 was a true indicator that I should apply for the job, when I did not get it and felt so depressed about it afterwards. Also having geared myself up to applying it took a while for me to re-engage with my existing job and seeing anything positive in it.

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    So I would like to have some help in understanding how 58 was a true indicator

    Hi that is odd i have to admit and also unchanging hex's are more difficult to read at least for me
    the only thing i maybe able to see is that is it possible that yi is saying look at what you have is it as bad as it seems, like it may have allot of stability or more chance of a raise or promotion
    I have had reading like these myself then later it dawns on you.
    Like the the position you have may bring good fortune in the future that you are unable to see as well
    this could be another senario

    I do admit its hard one but just my input anyway


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    Hi bookgirl,
    I think this is a good example for demonstrating that the Yi is not a fortune teller, in one sense. Even an encouraging hexagram does not guarantee a certain outcome. That said, I suspect that if your reading had yielded a 14, it might have indicated that you were a shoe-in for the job.

    58 is a little more ambiguous. It is dependent on the communication that ensued, and more than anything else, it was saying that here was an opportunity for you to communicate and test your ideals, so to speak.

    I felt inclined to respond to this because there was a time when I was in grad school and got a job waitressing. It seemed ideal for what I needed, and I was happy. BUt as soon as I started, I began to feel that I wasn't doing well. For one thing, I could never seem to memorize the dinner specials, and I was being watched so I was very nervous. I remember being worried that I would get fired, but I asked the yi and it said 58.6. not the best line, I know, but I felt encouraged, anyway, and felt the line said that I shouldnt be so worried about how I was viewed, but just do my best. But within a few days, I didnt have the job anymore.

    I felt like you, very depressed. But from then on, for myself, I viewed 58 as merely opportunity for exchange, not necessarily good or bad outcome. sometimes we discover that the people we thought we would blend well with are not really the ideal we had in mind.

    Learn from what you experienced and go forward. sometimes the process of interviewing is a learning experience too..I would try not to see it as "failure", just an opportunity to grow by exchange, altho a bit disappointing. I wish you well.

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    FWIW I've found 57 has meant being accepted for jobs, gaining easy access to all sorts of things. I'm not saying 57 always means one will get the job lol, just that if its ever a question of entering in in my experience 57 has meant that entering in is without any obstruction - like wind through a keyhole.........

    but thats 57.... With 58 I sometimes get the sense its alot to do with anticipation of pleasure which is not usually a very good idea or puts one in the wrong headspace somehow. Also 58 can refer to sharing lots of talk and good times and you say you had friends there, felt at home there, so in a sense the whole feeling around the job was pleasure anticipated.
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    Default Insightful

    Thank you for those ideas. As you both say, Hex 58 is more ambiguous than I realised and does not necessarily mean the obvious outcome that I thought. A hard lesson to learn: that Yi is not necessarily a fortune teller! But I do hope that I don't come to the conclusion that the readings can be so vague and interpreted in so many ways that, no matter what the outcome, they can always be made to 'fit'.

    With regards to the applicability of Hex 58 to this situation, it was an opportunity for exchange both within the interview and with others at a level that I had not experienced before. I have also come to the conclusion that just because a supportive group exists within that establishment, it is not necessarily everyone that feels that that a shared ethos is as important to the extent that I (and perhaps others) did, ie the person that interviewed me and made the decision who was required for the job.

    I find it interesting that the person that they chose is leaving after less than six months, which means that the criteria that were deemed important by the interviewer weren't the right ones.

    But curiously, after a few days of distress, I am less upset about not being given a chance this time - feeling that it probably would not be right for me to change jobs at this time.

    As for my current job, it is a good one and I need to now feel less detached from it - cos I thought that I was leaving - and find the supportive groups that exist there instead of looking over my shoulder.

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    Default Wrong emphasis

    Quote Originally Posted by trojan View Post
    With 58 I sometimes get the sense its alot to do with anticipation of pleasure which is not usually a very good idea or puts one in the wrong headspace somehow.
    I think that you are right in that getting this reading did put me in the wrong headspace, as I possibly did over-emphasise that aspect of my suitability in that section of the interview process - partly because how else could I justify what was in effect a downwards move in pay and possibly status, and with less flexibility to manage my own time?


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