Hi guys,

I'm set to live with some people next year but I'm not sure if I wholly fit in... It's my unrelenting problem I've always wanted to feel I belong to a group say, but then in a group I often feel dissolved... then come away feeling I've hardly contributed and they probably think I'm dull - sometimes it's fun but I wonder if they really want me around basically.. I went out last night, feel a bit rough today so don't know whether to make my excuses about going out tonight aswell, plus I feel hesistant - what if they're not my 'real' friends - there are a couple of girlfriends I wholly trust which is great , but I'm unsure as to whether I'm putting myself in a group situation where I am not appreciated.. then again maybe I'm being paranoid.. it's just that I don't want to live alone next year or with random people again and I do like the said people, I just don't know if I'm right there... always kinda had probs with friends maybe I'm just not right for groups.. but I so want to be!

I asked 'Should I go out tonight?' (with are these my friends/ the right way to go in the back of my mind... think you can ask a double barrelled question?)
And got
55.1,6 Abundance to 56 The wanderer.

What am I being advised to do? Not go out tonight and bow out (and be lonely maybe) or persevere/ try and embrace it even if I feel a bit different??

Thanks a lot