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Thread: The big blue 'H' and 'W'

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    Default The big blue 'H' and 'W'

    If you click 'post reply' or 'go advanced' to see the full text editor, you'll find a big blue 'H W' at the end of the toolbar. These are WikiWing controls, which will make sense very soon.

    The 'H' allows you to enter headings in your posts. Not much point to this in the regular forum, but in the WikiWing this creates sections of an article that build its table of contents, and let you edit the sections separately later. So you can edit line 6 without having to scroll through 1-5 - very neat indeed. But, as I say, not a whole lot of point using these in regular forum posts.

    And if you highlight text and then click the 'W', it automatically links the text to any article of that name in the WikiWing. (And if there isn't an article of that name, it creates a 'stub' article, ie a page for someone to write in.) This will become point-ful in regular forum posts, especially once Change Circle is actually open. Then you'll be able to join, should you so wish, and click through to read/ edit/ comment on/ create the article you linked to.

    (At the moment if you're not a Yijing class member, clicking on a WikiWing link will just take you to that exasperating 'you do not have permission to access this page' message. Sorry about that - the opening is definitely in sight now we have the Wiki technology in place and almost all the bugs ironed out.

    In case you have any burning desire to start creating links now - I'm naming each hexagram page 'Hexagram n' - Hexagram 1, Hexagram 2 etc. So that's what you need to write if you want there to be an article at the other end of the link.)

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