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    peace Guest


    I received 63 unchanging to a question about something I'd like to change - but so far, it hasn't budged. Is this saying it's hopeless?


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    jesed Guest


    Hi Rosalie

    May I ask how do you phrased your question?

    Best wishes

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    rosada Guest


    Trying to be optimistic...
    I'm thinking 63 is telling us most likely the only change you can make now will be in how you relate to the situation.

    Wilhelm, in The Judgement paragraph on 63, " We must be careful to maintain the right attitude."

    The Image could be "translated" (well, maybe twisted) to encourage preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.

    Thus the superior man
    Takes thought of misfortune
    And arms himself against it in advance.

    Like, nothing is more important than your peace of mind. You consider what the worst possible outcome could be, you prepare for that eventuality...and by being prepared, you greatly lower your stress level which greatly improves the chances that the worst wont happen at all.

    Sending you good vibes..

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    Could it be saying it won't so much change as cease to be - its completed its lifecycle and is on its way out ? Just guessing though. With no idea of the question its hard to contextualise the answer. Somehow I think you'd get better answers if there was more idea of the question - even though strictly speaking it shouldn't be necessary, somehow here it is.

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    LOL well I guess the way you put the question it could be about changing anything from your husband to your pet dog, to a pair of jeans that don't fit but you can't get off , or even a stubborn lightbulb,lol

    Maybe just the general area of the enquiry might help...mmm though thinking about it I reckon it might be time for a whole paradigm shift. Maybe you're looking for a change within a certain framework, a change that revolves around certain structures remaining - but these no longer apply as you're stepping into a different cycle so to speak, where what you see as a problem no longer really has a place ?

    Now please don't tell me this is about trading in your old budgerigar just when I almost got intellectual.

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    peace Guest


    Void - you're so funny.

    The question I asked was about a therapeutic relationship with someone - and it seems we are stuck. I asked: What is the likelihood of breaking through the impasse and developing a therapeutic alliance?

    So - your response about a paradigm shift is what I first thought when I tossed. I was thinking - as things are now, nothing is going to change. I have to shift my thinking and look at it all very differently - and see the value in this shift. Yes - the old way that seemed to work has ceased to be (ceased working).

    And, as Rosada pointed out - prepare for the worst - which is that I may not be able to make the shift - and that's the way it is and to accept it.

    And - change is possible - my choice.
    Interestingly (to me) - I first asked:
    What is going on?
    And I got: 6 changing to 8.
    So it doesn't seem that it's time to throw in the towel, even though there's a conflict. The learning may be in the struggle...but I also can't "hold it together" this way forever.

    Isn't it fun when there is no quick fix????


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    Now I know the question my immediate feeling on your answer is simply that your work with this particular person is finished. You've done your job. To me you sound regretful over this but Yi has not indicated a lack, more work required, anything neglected, just that its done. Oh of course I'm not entirely sure if, in this instance ,the person is your client or you are the client of someone else. Either way it could be seen as job done.

    I have to say I would see 6,lines 2,4 and 6 as a pretty clear indication to throw in the towel. Even if you make a 'breakthrough' the hindrance will reoccur, it is better to move on. I'm not sure why you think its telling you to keep on ? I assume because the change it to 8 ? But I think 8 will happen when the stuff in 6 happens. When you throw in the towel with this person a better union can come.

    Just my opinion on the reading

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    jesed Guest


    Hi Rosalie

    Just in case the comment could be useful

    I had told this previously: why 63 came before 64 in Yi Jing secuence from Heaven to Before consumation?

    Beacuse before you can face a new age (in the therapeutic relationship, in this case) you need to close the previous cicle.

    I don't see 63 unchanging as "you won't achieve the shift" neither as "drop the relationship".

    The way I see it:
    a) 63 points to a state that SEEMS to be done, the work is achieved. But this is ilussion; this is more like a transitional age from the dead of a cicle to the begining of a new one. If you surrender to the ilussion that the situation "is done", you became negligent and pitfall arrive. The goal is to get yourself ready for the next level (see the image)

    b) Now, both the ruling line (line 2) as hex 6 points to a lack of confidence/trust in the relationship. Search that line of reflection.

    c) The fact that 63 is unchanging, in the way I see it, is not that is without future modification. Is about "breaking through the impasse is not in your hands, is beyond your own subjective choices". Again, a repetetive issue in the lines (both ruling line of hex 63 and lines in hex 6). It makes sense: if there is a lack of trust, you cann't force him/her to trust in you, isn't?

    Best wishes

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    peace Guest


    Jesed - I agree with you.
    I'm thinking that the impasse is an illusion based on an assumption that is false.

    BTW - I'm the client here.

    If I "throw in the towel", without breaking through and trusting first - then it's another notch on my belt for distrust and something not working.

    The impasse is relatively new - and I know I am locked into some old thought patterns which I have the opportunity to shift. However, if I shift them, my whole view of the world - and what I've gone through so far in life will be shaken.
    You are so right about the illusion part.

    And - as Void is saying - this phase has to be done, is done. I'm hanging onto it because it's scary to let go. And it's such a one sided battle. I feel like a teenage kid who won't allow anything her parents say to be right - even if it's something she wants, she changes her mind as not to agree with them.

    And Jesed - you're also so right about 63 before 64. I do tend to flee. Maybe it's time to stick it out - maybe with a 6 month timetable. There's no real harm here and I am basing it on the money - which is always suspect.

    Thanks to both of you - and would love to hear more if anything comes to mind.



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