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Thread: The timeless question......"When"?.......

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    Smile The timeless question......"When"?.......

    Hello, Everyone! I haven't been on in a while. I may as well re-join you with this one: I am curious about timing in YI. I asked when a certain event will happen. I received: 5, 9/2, 63....... I would very much
    appreciate any help with timing with trigrams/hexagrams in this reading!

    Many Thanks, Peace66
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    With the 5 the Yi told you to just wait. That could mean waiting for a very long time, because there was something important about the situation that you were not aware of.

    With 9.2 it told you to turn back, go back, or retreat. Hexagram 9 meant there could be no advance at that time because the situation was constrained. However, the constraint could be loosened at some point in the future.

    With static 63 it was telling you that you personally had no influence over this situation. Whatever was happening was not under your control.

    For readings on the static hexagrams I have often found R.L. Wing's "The I Ching Workbook" to be helpful. He devotes a small section to the static form of each hexagram.

    I once read an IC book in which there was printed a chart for answering questions like "When should I take this trip?" The author asserted that my hexagram would clearly indicate to me the best month and days to travel. However, this chart never worked for me. The IC never answered that way. If the IC says to wait, the best thing is to ask about the situation again at a later date.

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    With the 5 it is not just wait but how you wait that is the key. 5.2 is talking about uncertainty (at this point) and those competing voices, usually in our heads (but not always) that can be unsettling and sometimes prompt us to act prematurely. When we receive Hex 5 Waiting (nourishment) we need to adapt our attitude to the waiting and the fan yao of 5.2 illuminates a little further and is delightfully summed up by Lise who says.... 'do not lose your dignity by chasing after it'.

    5 waits in a way that breaks down the separation between waiting and waited for with a quiet knowing and 5.2 > 63 chucks in a cautionary note about what you are doing in the meantime.

    However, I think you need a Willowfox here or someone who can relate dates and times to hexes as per your question. But to me that approach in this particular case (because you drew 5) flies in the face of the spirit of Hex 5.....


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    Thank you Barbra and Lucia.....

    Your insights make perfect sense for my situation. I have some indications that "it" will be coming together within the next 2-3 months. I'll keep everyone posted! Much Appreciation!

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